Is Curved TV Better Than Flat?

When it comes to TVs, technology is its main focus. We are talking about technologies used for superior performance, 4K technology, high dynamic range, etc. 

With sales of curved TVs higher than ever before, it’s worth asking if curved TV better than flat? The curved TV design allows the TVs to have a wider image with better depth perception. But are they right for you?


The flat-screen TV has been a staple of the living room for years. It’s been fairly popular from the start, although it took a long time to gain support from consumers. Back then, people were hesitant about bringing such a change into their homes. 

However, now there is a newer version of a TV set that aims to replace the older style – curved TVs. With all of the debate on which style is better, one cannot help but wonder if the curved TVs will soon take over our living rooms.

Curved TV certainly has its benefits: one is an immersive viewing experience that adds depth and dimension to your favorite programs and movies, and another is a wide range of better viewing angles. With curved TV you will always enjoy the best view from every seat in the room.

Curved TV technology creates the impact of a cinema screen in your living room by generating an immersive sound and picture experience. Packed with features such as Ultra HD resolution, HDR, and contrast-enhancing technology, curved TV delivers a superior viewing experience for discerning viewers.

The Takeaway:

Curved TVs offer a more immersive entertainment experience. Picture quality is better because content wraps around you for a wider view and enhanced depth. The curved screen also gives you a wider field of view and reduces the distortion often caused by borders.

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