Arcade Buttons 101

What is an Arcade Button? This article not only explains what Arcade Buttons are but also why they should be used by anyone looking to create online games to compete with others.

What is an Arcade Button?

An arcade button is a flat, round button that is usually very large. This button is used in video games and other types of software to provide an interface for players. It can also be called an action button because it’s used to undertake a particular action, such as firing lasers or other weapons. Arcade buttons replaced the computer keyboard as the main way of ordering characters and actions.

They are mostly used on arcade machines. These machines, which include games such as pinball, video games, and slot machines, are known for their classy style of play and the look of buttons used.

Most arcade buttons have no microswitch or joystick mechanism inside, just a single solid-state switch soldered directly to the terminals of the button itself.

What Is The Size Of Arcade Buttons?

The standard size of arcade buttons is 23mm (7/8 inch). The common sizes of the push-button and the micro push-button are 5mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm. The height of the button ranges from 11mm to 31.5mm. 

Arcade button colors include white, yellow, red, blue, cyan, green, and black; and others such as pink or purple for lighter colors and silver and gold for darker colors.

The Takeaway:

Arcade Buttons are those cute, colorful buttons that are used to facilitate video games. An arcade button is a two-part push button. It is made of a plastic housing and a rubber button that feels just like the buttons from an arcade machine. 

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