Magnetic gel polish

If you’re looking to have beautifully polished nails that are attractive and last, you can visit our platform and achieve the look you like. Our Magnetic gel polish is also possible to buy the equipment you require to pamper yourself with beautiful manicures at the convenience of home. Magnetic gel polish at SkyBlueColors is different from conventional formulas in that it lasts longer without chipping or discoloration times as long as three weeks.

Why Choose Blue Sky Colors?

 Although you’ll need to buy an LED or UV light source to dry the Magnetic gel polish after you’ve applied it but you’ll save cash in the end with long-lasting results at only a fraction of the expense of frequent visits to a nail spa. We provide magnetic gel polish in colors that stay on for long periods require a high-quality nail polish that is gel and expertise to apply it correctly. Take a look at our top nail polishes made of gel and read the buying guide here for the complete details and guidance you require to get beautiful, long-lasting nail colors.

Blue Sky Colors Certification

Similar to traditional polish, our Magnetic gel polish is available in a variety of colors, from bold to neutral and everything in-between. Magnetic gel polish can be found in bottles of different sizes, including miniature as well as regular sizes. Like the varieties of nail polish that you’ve likely used over the years applying magnetic gel polish using small brushes connected to the cap.

Provide quality product

The majority of Magnetic gel polish can possess an odor that is quite strong (as happens with all nail polish) however, some are milder than others. Our Magnetic Gel nail polish is available at a variety of prices, with the most expensive professional brands like OPI and Dior being higher in price similar to the traditional polish.

We have a large variety of magnetic gel polish at wholesale costs

When compared with other wholesalers of magnetic gel polish. We offer many different items that are available on the website of Setting which allows you to select any of our top-quality shades to suit your needs. We offer special items with discounts. Learn more by getting in touch with us. We offer every type of fence and shade to assist you to maintain your privacy and making lighting as dim as you like.

Feel the difference by using our cat eye gel polish

The Cat Eye Gel Polish is the world’s first magnetic nail paint. With one layer, you can get a nail art effect, and with two layers, you can accomplish ideal complete nail coverage. A professional BLUESKY magnetic tool is included in each set, allowing you to make amazing graphics in seconds.

Create stunning nail art and be the focus of everyone’s attention. Start by using a Bluesky magnetic stamper to stamp your preferred picture on your nail using one of the magnet colors from the palette.

It may be used to make full nail art or just as a lovely foundation color. All types of trendy nails are created with two layers of 5D Smoothie Cat Eye Gel, including charming petals, flowers, abstract designs, stars, butterflies, and .more..Allow your creativity to run free.

Bluesky magnet nail art kits:

Magnetic nail paint is a brand-new way to decorate your nails. With one layer, the colors are semi-transparent, while two layers provide complete coverage. Create amazing nail art quickly and easily with the BLUESKY magnetic tool. With one layer, the colors are semi-transparent, while two layers provide complete coverage.

Create amazing nail art quickly and easily with the Bluesky magnetic tool. The ultimate Nail Art Effect is 5D Smoothie Cat Eye Gel. In order to produce appealing designs, the 5D effect is achieved with high-grade magnet paints. With one layer, the colors are semi-transparent, while two layers provide full coverage. Create amazing nail art quickly and easily with the BLUESKY magnetic tool.

New magnetic nail art effect:

The Cat Eye Nail Polish Art Effect is a professional nail art effect. The ultimate Nail Art Effect is 5D Smoothie Cat Eye Gel. In order to produce appealing designs, the 5D effect is achieved with high-grade magnet paints. With one layer, the colours are semi-transparent, while two layers provide complete coverage. Create amazing nail art quickly and easily with the BLUESKY magnetic tool.

  • Magnet Pigments Of Superior Quality: With one layer, the colours are semi-transparent, while two layers provide complete coverage.

Full Nail Effects: When using this product, you won’t need to perform a lot of prep work or wait a long time because it will give your nails full effects with only one layer.

Why should you consider buying our cat eye nail gel polish?

Here is your chance to become a trendsetter and make a statement when you wear our cat eye gel polish and choose other nail polish collections. You will instantly be the talk of the town. Some people will stop you and ask you where you got your nails done, not realizing that you applied them yourself.

When they find out that you have used Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish, they will immediately want to try it for themselves. In fact, our Cat Eye Nail Gel Polish is an excellent way to build your own personality that will inspire others to look like you. Just look at all the ways that you can use it by checking the details on our website.

What is so special about our nail polish?

Well, first of all, we use high-quality gel formula that allows you to apply the nail polish faster, easier, and more efficiently. Moreover, our nail polish allows you to create really beautiful cat-eye designs. It is also very long-lasting that will keep your nails healthier, shinier, and highly impressive when you will be using the vibrant nail polish shades of our company.

Nail polish is a fashion accessory for women and a fashion statement for men. It is used to express one’s unique personality and style. Nail polish has been around for centuries, but the most recent change in nail polish that has taken place is the introduction of LED nail polish. Unlike other nail polishes, our LED polish contains LED lights, which are capable of changing colors in response to music, touch, and body heat.

Our cat eye nail gel will give you an appealing look:

Everyone wants to have beautiful and long nails. But, they don’t want to spend a lot of money on nail care products. Our gel will create the illusion of a long, thin curved eyelid that is present in some animals. In nature, the cat-eye is seen in domesticated and wild cats.

Cat’s eyes are large, round, and generally have a vertical shape. The cat-eye nail gel can give your nails this same look. It can also be used to enhance your appearance on any special occasion. Not only does it make you more attractive but also more adorable.

Choose vibrant colors of our nail polish gels

One of the most important things that you have to be aware of when choosing colors for your gel nail polish is that you want to choose vibrant colors from our vast variety and colors available on our website. The factor that we consider is the color that is already present on the nails of the customer.

If the customer’s nails are dark in color, then we will offer light colors and if they are light in color then we will offer dark colors that you can find in our huge catalog. The vibrant colors of our nail polish gels are always popular. They can be used by women having any kind of nails and the colors can easily convey a message while making a bold statement.

We always welcome our customers to get our suggestions:

Colored gel polish is a great way to express your personality, but some colors are more popular than others. If you are concerned to know what colors are the most popular right now, we will help you in this matter. You can directly ask our specialists about choosing the most trending colors by messaging them online.

When it comes to choosing trendy styles, patterns, shades, and the colors of gel polish or nail polish, our up-to-date and specialized team will love to help you out. You will get efficient access to our customer relation representatives that will not only suggest you the best trendy colours but will also let you know about the styling of the nail arts. Know more by checking the details by viewing our website.

Categories of nail related products that we are offering:

You might have visited a lot of websites offering and selling nail paints, nail gels, and gel nail polishes, but you might not have found the quality of the colors and the quality of the products. We here at Blue Sky Colours offer the nail polishes and gels that will meet your expectations in respect to quality and the vibrant colors that will give you a chance to meet today’s trend of using these products.

Figure out the benefits of using our nail polish gels

When it pertains to selecting the ideal nail gloss, gel gloss, overcoat, base coat, or builder gel, many women think about the shade of the nail brightens they like and the high quality of every one of these products to ensure the glow and also health of the nails at the same time. Very few females think about where their nail gloss comes from or what chemicals are made use of to develop it.

This is unfortunate due to the fact that a few of the components in nail gloss can trigger damage to your wellness. As an example, the majority of nail gloss has formaldehyde, a component that triggers cancer and also can also aggravate the skin as well as eyes.

It is not surprising that lots of females are seeking much healthier options for these items. For this, you can see the site of blue sky colors, you will locate us the most effective in offering the safest alternatives in the nail brightens in the marketplace.
Exactly how are we providing more secure nail polishes and nail gels?
We offer the very best nail gloss gels which are long-lasting as well as can be removed easily. These do not have any harmful active ingredients that can cause any type of allergy to your eyes or skin, also your nails will certainly not be impacted. For the safety and security and wellness of our customers, our team of professionals constantly takes notice of using natural active ingredients to make nail gloss gels as well as home builder gels.

Whether you will certainly pick our nail gels as well as nail gloss for the future or for a brief duration, you will certainly not encounter any side effects. We assure the quality of our items as we do not believe in utilizing dangerous chemicals instead it stays our concern to provide customer-friendly products. Know extra about the details of various items by inspecting our web site.

The colors of our nail gloss are pigmented and are known for their high quality. We ensure you that you will get cause a short time duration. Any individual can use our nail paints that intend to obtain beautiful nails conveniently. It is simple to make use of, simply apply it over your nail and then apply an overcoat. This will certainly make your nails look even more shiny as well as glossy.

Get Remarkable Nail Polish Deals From Bluesky

Get all new amazing colors as well as a selection of various items associated with nail paint from Bluesky which is the name of high quality and also uniqueness in this area. You will certainly get various amazing colors in top-notch nail polishes that are available in different tones and sizes on our main website.

Christmas gel polish is the new collection of our business that we are offering to our clients at attractive rates as we are using special offers on this special event. Get all the amazing info concerning this collection that you can check out when you go to the site of Bluesky.
Get excellent nail paints and also other nail associated items asap:
Below at Bluesky, we are popular because of our fastest distribution services as well as top-line products. We are supplying a wide variety of quality products at market affordable rates that will certainly attract you the most because of checking out unmatchable outcomes as soon as you will utilize our products.

Cat-eye gel polish is the most recent technique that we have actually utilized in our latest brochure for developing nail art in an imaginative way. You can learn more about utilizing this product and making the layouts by inspecting our site and also by enjoying special videos concerning utilizing this unique item and also method.
Get special offers on buying the nail gel paint packages:
Other than just nail paints, Bluesky is using a large selection of nail care items that you can look at on our website. Along with this, we are supplying special offers and also discount rates on numerous nail paint products that you can locate when you will be putting your initial order with us.

Do not hesitate to ask anything regarding utilizing the items, utilizing the most recent layouts, just how to select the most effective colors and shades in the nail gel paints, and also any other associated concerns. Our representatives will constantly appreciate our valued customers to ask from them regarding the use and also choosing the right items for them. Figure out the biggest catalog relating to nail paints from our main site and also obtain all the details concerning the latest selection as well.

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At CompareCards.com, our mission is to help people make more informed financial decisions each and every day. Since we first launched back in 2005, we have been focused on helping our users research, compare and apply for the right credit card for their needs. We pride ourselves on providing resources born out of thorough research and expert guidance – even if we aren’t able to cover every single credit card or issuer on our site.

We’re able to provide our tools and reviews free of charge and accessible to anyone because our partners compensate us. This compensation can impact where products from our partners show up on our site and which products we choose to feature but doesn’t have any influence over our reviews or opinions – our partners cannot and do not compensate us for positive reviews or impressions. Comparecards.com is dedicated to providing independent and unbiased information on how to help people meet their financial goals.

Apple Watch Series 7: How to preorder right now



Apple Watch Series 7 was announced alongside the iPhone 13 family back in September, but preorders are just now available for the smartwatch.

The Series 7 doesn’t change a whole lot from the Series 6 and keeps the same starting price of $399 — though costs can vary depending on size, case material and Wi-Fi versus cellular. The Series 7 is replacing the Series 6 as the flagship option alongside the SE (starting at $279) and Series 3 (starting at $199).

There are a lot of Series 7 options to choose from, so here are some handy links:

  • Apple Watch Series 7 41mm GPS in Midnight, Starlight, green, blue and Product Red (starting at $399; amazon.com and apple.com)
  • Apple Watch Series 7 45mm in Midnight, Starlight, green, blue and Product Red (starting at $429; amazon.com and apple.com)
  • Apple Watch Series 7 41mm GPS + Cellular in Midnight, Starlight, green, blue and Product Red (starting at $499; amazon.com and apple.com)
  • Apple Watch Series 7 45mm GPS + Cellular in Midnight, Starlight, green, blue and Product Red (starting at $529; amazon.com and apple.com)

Those looking for a stainless steel Apple Watch will pay a bit more for a 41mm or 45mm size. Apple also offers this style of Apple Watch in graphite, gold or silver. Similarly, it’s $100 more for the cellular variant of the stainless steel models.

  • Apple Watch Series 7 41mm GPS + Cellular Stainless Steel in graphite, gold and silver (starting at $699; amazon.com and apple.com)
  • Apple Watch Series 7 45mm GPS Stainless Steel in graphite, gold and silver (starting at $749; amazon.com and apple.com)

The fast charging cable for Apple Watch is also up for order at $29 — just keep in mind that this will fast charge the Series 7 and charge the previous models at a normal rate.


Apple Watch Series 7 starts with a larger Retina display that stretches to the edges. It’s a 20% bigger display over the Series 6, which aims to let you see more — be it a large text message or a lengthy email. And no, the Apple Watch itself hasn’t gotten any larger; the bezels around the display are significantly smaller to accommodate more screen space at about 1.7 millimeters thick.

Series 7 will come in two variations: 41mm or 45mm, representing the watch’s small and large sizes. Both of these are about a millimeter larger than previous Apple Watch sizes. Apple also says it is a 70% brighter display, which should make content more vibrant and easier to see in low-light conditions. The other bonus is that since it’s an always-on display (meaning that the screen never goes dark, with key aspects always available) — a key difference between the Series 7 and the SE — it should be easier to quickly glance at your wrist for information rather than raising it.

To take advantage of the larger display here, watchOS 8 and the overall interface has been updated. Buttons are larger and easier to tap, but you can also take advantage of new watch faces that stretch to the edge of the display. All of the classic apps — including activity, fitness, messages, phone, calendar and photos — are here and updated in some capacity to take advantage of the larger display (e.g., showing more on a screen or the ability to type on a full keyboard). We expect the performance within any application to be the same as the Apple Watch Series 6 since it uses a similar chipset inside. We don’t expect significant performance improvements this year, though.

Related: Apple Watch Series 6 vs. Series 7: What’s new?

A larger display means a larger surface area and more glass, but Apple promises a crack-resistant front display. We’ll be putting this to the test, but it should be tougher against scratches and drops. Series 7 is also the first dust-resistant Apple Watch (IP6X rated), along with keeping the water resistance (WR50 rated) that we’ve seen on previous models.

In terms of health or activity tracking, there aren’t upgrades here. Like the Apple Watch Series 6, the Series 7 can track your activity, track your heart rate, take an electrocardiogram, detect a fall and even measure blood oxygen levels. The Series 7 features the same updated sensor that premiered on the Series 6.

You might think that Apple tucked a new battery inside, but Apple still promises the same “all-day” battery life, which equates to about 18 hours. The more significant change is faster charging, which can deliver eight hours of battery life in just eight minutes. That’s a significant jump over previous models and might solve the sleep tracking battery dilemma that some users have been experiencing. Apple will include this upgraded charging cable in the box that delivers the fast charging improvements. No charging brick is included, though.

And here’s some excellent news — all previous Apple Watch bands are supported here. That’s a big win, as current Apple Watch owners won’t need new bands for the Series 7. Apple does have four new colors for the aluminum Series 7: Midnight, Starlight, green, blue and Product Red. Those opting for stainless steel models can pick between silver, graphite or gold.

Apple Watch Series 7, as we’ve seen with previous year-over-year refreshes, doesn’t look like it will deliver a radical change. However, a larger display does give you a larger canvas to interact with the Apple Watch and explore the different features. Still, though, we wish Apple would have added in some new health features and maybe even more of a redesign. Keeping the starting price of $399 with a larger display and faster charging is nice on paper — and we’ll be going hands-on with the Series 7 soon.

So who is this for? Well, without having gone hands-on, it’s for someone who wants an Apple Watch with an always-on display and the most health features. Those who can pass on either of those are likely better served with the Apple Watch SE. And if you currently have an Apple Watch Series 6 and aren’t interested in a bigger screen, you can likely skip out on upgrading this year. It’s our budget pick for a smartwatch and doesn’t sacrifice the core experience of a smartwatch — you’ll need to raise your wrist to get the screen alive. There’s also the Series 3 at $199, but it’s showing its age in our testing. We’d spend the extra $80 and go for the SE.

You can also sell your current Apple Watch for cash, which you can put toward a Series 7. Decluttr accepts all models, and with code “CNN2021” you can get up to an extra $30 on your trade-in value.

Quality and affordable Inflatable products

Almost every one of us had a dream to be a King, Queen, Prince, or Princess when we were little. It was a simple time when we had nothing to think about but play and be kids. This is a very crucial stage in the development of every kid when he or she is brought up to believe they can become whoever or whatever they want to be. What better way of making this dream come true for your kids or other people’s kids, other than buying wholesale bouncy castles. Guangzhou Dola Amusement Equipment is a company that dedicated more than 13 years of its existence to providing inflatable products at wholesale prices. Below are some of the cool inflatable castles they have to offer.


Guangzhou Dola Amusement Equipment Inflatable Products

  • DOLA-IN0010 – This is an attractive inflatable bouncy castle with a slide. Get children to feel like royalty when they bounce on this inflatable trampoline. This model is designed with cartoon characters to appeal to the imagination of kids. It is a quality product and it is made from soft double-net double-sided laminated PVC cloth so you can be guaranteed children will be safe playing with this incredible bouncy castle. You can order the product with your preferred customized color and it is an affordable bouncy castle.
  • DOLA-14 – This is a cheap inflatable bouncy castle for kids. It has slides and it is designed with amusing cartoon characters so that children associate with the products. It is quality made with soft double-net double-sided laminated PVC cloth for optimum support and durability.  

You can get in touch with Guangzhou Dola Amusement Equipment for a chance to buy either of the above inflatable products at affordable prices.

Best rain jackets of 2021



Whether you’re camping, commuting or just running errands around town, a trusty rain jacket can keep you protected from even the worst downpours. We tested 14 top-rated jackets from popular brands like The North Face, Patagonia and Arc’teryx for their waterproofness, breathability, durability and so much more to find the best option out there. And after more than three months of testing, there was one rain jacket that stood out above the rest.

Best rain jacket overall

The Patagonia Torrentshell outperformed all the other jackets we tested in key areas. It’s ridiculously waterproof and will keep you bone-dry in the worst rain, not to mention it’s extremely breathable, durable and comes with Patagonia’s lifetime Ironclad Guarantee.

Kai Burkhardt/CNN

Whether you’re an avid hiker or just need protection from the rain during your commute, the Patagonia Torrentshell 3L is the one rain jacket you should buy.

Since we couldn’t rely on frequent heavy rainstorms to test the waterproofness of our jackets, we hopped in the shower for 10 minutes with each jacket to see if we would stay dry. It turns out showers, which on average dump 2.1 gallons per minute, are surprisingly good at simulating some pretty extreme rainfall.

During our indoor monsoon, the Patagonia kept us completely dry, with only a tiny bit of water trickling in from the gap at the neck when we’d look up, and from the cuffs when we’d raise our arms (which was typical of all the jackets we tested, although some were worse and let tons of water in through the neck — more on that below). The Torrentshell’s three-layer H2No Performance Standard shell is what we have to thank for keeping us dry, and it held up just as well as GORE-TEX, probably the most well-known and trusted waterproof material in the outdoor industry.

The Patagonia’s durable water repellent (DWR) coating worked perfectly, causing any water that hit the shell to bead and run right off, preventing water from soaking into the jacket and pooling (which happened with a few of the other jackets we tested). Plus, since the water runs right off, we were able to easily shake the Torrentshell dry after our test, meaning you’ll never have to walk into work with a drenched jacket again.

All of the Torrentshell’s zippers are protected by a flap that didn’t allow a drop of water through, even when we pointed the shower’s stream directly onto them. So unlike most of the jackets we tested — which didn’t have fully waterproofed zippers, allowing water to slowly (and sometimes not so slowly) leak through both the main zipper and the pockets — the Torrentshell protects your phone and other items from getting waterlogged.

Kai Burkhardt/CNN

The only aspect of the waterproofness test where the Patagonia fell a bit short was its hood. While many of the other jackets had super-sturdy storm hoods, the Torrentshell’s wasn’t as large or stiff. The heavy stream from the shower caused the hood to bend a little bit, so the water would sometimes run down our face. To compare, the Arc’teryx Beta LT had our favorite hood, which maintained its shape in the shower and kept the water far from our face.

The Patagonia Torrentshell is super packable (though not as packable as the teeny tiny Outdoor Research Helium — more on that below) and stuffs into its own pocket. It was also one of the more breathable jackets we tested. So whether you’re hiking through the backcountry or running late for work, you won’t feel as hot and muggy as with other jackets. Plus, its pit vents mean there’s an easy way to dump heat if you’re starting to build up a sweat.

Kai Burkhardt/CNN

While some of the other jackets we tested felt sticky, clammy or even itchy against our bare skin, the Torrentshell had one of the most comfortable interior materials, behind only The North Face’s Dryzzle and the Arc’teryx Beta LT. It also proved quite durable, and only got a couple light marks when we rubbed it against our brick building. However, if you do some rough adventuring and your jacket does get damaged, it’s backed by Patagonia’s Ironclad Guarantee, which means you can send it in and get it repaired (in most cases for free) at any time.

Outdoor gear isn’t always the most eye-pleasing, which is why we love the Torrentshell’s many color options. There are 11 available at Backcountry and 12 at Patagonia in men’s, and nine colors at Backcountry and 13 at Patagonia available in women’s. Plus, it comes in six sizes from XS to XXL in men’s and seven sizes from XXS to XXL in women’s.

Kai Burkhardt/CNN

Rain jackets are a surprisingly complicated subject, so it’s good to know a little bit about what you’re getting into when buying one. The first thing to know is what these jackets are made out of. For years brands have been innovating waterproof materials that are also breathable and soft so they’re comfortable to wear. If all you want is protection from the rain, you can easily use a plastic poncho, but if you want to move around and not immediately start sweating, you’ll want to opt for a breathable rain jacket.

The most famous of these materials is GORE-TEX, which you’ve probably seen used in tons of brands and products, including coats, shoes and even gloves. But other brands, such as Patagonia and The North Face, have created their own versions of waterproof fabrics that work in the same basic way. These fabrics are waterproof and breathable at the same time because they have tiny little pores that are so small that water droplets can’t get through, but big enough so the air and vapor from your body can escape.

This porous membrane is key to this waterproofness, and also part of the layering system that you’ll see in the names and descriptions of rain jackets. There are two-layer, 2.5-layer and three-layer jackets, which tell you about the build of the jacket. A two-layer jacket basically just has the outer material with the waterproof membrane on the inside, a 2.5 has the same construction but with a sprayed or printed material on the inside to protect the membrane. Finally, a three-layer jacket has its outer material, the waterproof membrane and a whole other layer on the inside. There are differences in terms of the weight and feel between all three, but if you’re looking at waterproofness and durability, nothing beats a three-layer jacket because that extra material completely protects the internal membrane so dirt and oils from your skin can’t clog the pores and make it less breathable. All jackets we tested were either 2.5 or three layers.

The other key to waterproofness is a jacket’s durable water repellent, or DWR. This is a coating that is applied to the outside of a rain jacket so the water will bead up and run right off. DWR coatings stop working after a while, which will lead to the outer layer of your jacket soaking up water. The internal membrane will still keep you dry, but since that outer layer is filled with water it will be harder for your sweat vapor to escape, making your jacket less breathable. However, you can easily reapply your DWR coating with products such as Nikwax.

You’ll often see ratings for waterproofness with the measurement of millimeters, which can be a little confusing. Waterproofness is denoted this way because it’s rated using the static-column test, which puts the material at the bottom of a 1-inch-diameter tube, which is then filled with water until the material leaks. The millimeter measurement is how tall this water column can get before the materials fail and water gets through; the higher the number, the more waterproof it is.

Other than waterproofness and breathability, you’ll want to look for different features depending on what you plan on doing. Lots of pockets help with a commute, a storm hood is great if you get caught in a storm on a hike, weight and packability are essential for backpackers and if you’re a climber or biker, you’ll want a helmet-compatible hood.

To find the best rain jacket, we tested everything from waterproofness and breathability to fit, feel and packability. We broke up our tests into three categories: performance, durability and versatility so we could compare the different features of each jacket against the others directly. Here’s a full breakdown of all the tests we ran.


  • Waterproofness: We wore each jacket in the shower for 10 minutes, with all zippers closed and the hood up. We spun around and focused the shower stream on different parts of the jackets, such as the zippers, shoulders and hood. After 10 minutes we took off the jacket and took note of how wet our shirt underneath got and where. We also put tissues in all the pockets of the jacket and saw if they got wet at all during the shower.
  • Breathability: We wore each jacket and rode a Peloton bike for 10 minutes, keeping a consistent, light output. We judged how hot or sweaty we got and how soon into our ride we felt muggy.
  • Fit, feel and stretch: We tried on each jacket multiple times and stretched to see if there were any restrictive areas. We wore the jacket and judged its length as well as how roomy it was in both the torso and arms. We also wore each jacket on our bare arms and judged how comfortable each felt against our skin.
  • Weight: We weighed each jacket on a kitchen scale.


  • Rub test: We rubbed the shoulder and arm of each jacket against a brick building five times. We took note of any scuffs, scratches or wear and tear to the material.
  • Zip test: We zipped the main zipper up and down 50 times and took note of how many times it snagged or if it broke. We also paid attention to any deterioration throughout our testing process.
  • Washability: We followed the wash instructions for each jacket and judged if it shrank or deteriorated in any way.
  • Warranty: We researched the warranty for each jacket.


  • Pockets and extra attributes: We counted any extra features, such as pit vents, helmet compatibility, pockets and more.
  • Packability: We packed each jacket (into its own pocket if possible) and compared to see which ones got the smallest.
  • Sizing and colors: We counted how many sizes and colors were available for each jacket in both men’s and women’s versions.

Arc’teryx Beta LT ($399; arcteryx.com)

This jacket was fantastic, but it fell just a bit short in a few tests. The fact that it didn’t blow the other jackets out of the water paired with the highest price tag in our testing pool, this jacket is a tough purchase to justify. Like we said earlier, it had our favorite hood we tested, plus its waterproofness and breathability performance was stellar. Its zippers, however, are only water-resistant, not waterproof, and both our shirt and the tissues in our pockets got a bit wet. You can save a lot of money and get a slightly better jacket with the Patagonia Torrentshell.

Outdoor Research Helium Rain Jacket ($159; outdoorresearch.com)

This jacket was another one of our favorites, and while it didn’t score extremely high, it was solidly waterproof and breathable. The interior of the jacket is a bit sticky and felt clammy against our skin, but if you’re an avid hiker or backpacker, the Helium’s extreme packability just might be enough to sell you. It was the lightest jacket we weighed, coming in at only 6.26 ounces. For reference, the next lightest was about 7.5 ounces and the next after that was nearly 10 ounces. On top of that, the Helium stuffs down into its sole chest pocket into a tiny package that’s about the size of our hand. So if you’re searching for the lightest jacket that you can throw in your backpack for a thru-hike and don’t care as much about comfort or durability, the Helium is a great choice.

The North Face Dryzzle Futurelight Jacket ($230; thenorthface.com)

The North Face’s Dryzzle jacket features the brand’s latest waterproof technology, Futurelight. This membrane is just like GORE-TEX and Patagonia’s H2No, promising extreme waterproofing while maintaining breathability. We were quite impressed with The North Face’s jacket, especially the feel of the jacket both inside and out. However, it didn’t quite separate itself from other great jackets we tested. Our biggest gripe with the Dryzzle was the quality of the DWR coating on the jacket. When water hit this jacket it didn’t immediately bead up and shed like many other jackets we tested. In some places we could see visible spots where the water was soaking into the outer layer. It was one of our highest-scoring jackets, but with a lackluster DWR coating and a higher price tag than our winner we just can’t recommend it.

REI Co-op Rainier Rain Jacket ($89.95; rei.com)

This jacket is one of the cheapest we tested but surprised us with its solid scores throughout our testing process. It was solidly waterproof, decently breathable and an overall fantastic jacket. It didn’t score quite as high as the Torrentshell, mostly due to its sticky interior, but if you’re looking for a cheap jacket, the Rainier is a fantastic option.

Arc’teryx Zeta SL ($299; arcteryx.com)

The Zeta SL from Arc’teryx was another high-scoring jacket, coming in right around the top. It’s super waterproof and breathable, and its interior feels relatively comfortable. However, like the other Arc’teryx jacket we tested, its zippers aren’t fully waterproof, only water-resistant. It also doesn’t have as many extra features as the Torrentshell, which was a little disappointing for a $300 jacket.

REI Co-op Drypoint GTX ($173.93, originally $249; rei.com)

This jacket from REI Co-op was another high scorer but just didn’t do well enough to edge out the competition. It’s also a discontinued item, so it’s only available in one color and stock will eventually run out. Even at a massively discounted price it’s more expensive than our winner, so while it’s a solid jacket, there are better options out there.

Black Diamond Stormline ($149; rei.com)

The Stormline was the stretchiest jacket we tested and had quite a high score. It’s nice and light, and felt nice both on the outside and inside. It was mostly waterproof, with just a tiny bit of water getting into the pockets. If you need an extremely stretchy and malleable jacket, the Stormline would be a great pick for you, but overall it couldn’t beat out the other coats we tested.

Marmot Minimalist ($189; marmot.com)

This jacket was one of the more breathable jackets we tested, but its pockets — like many others — weren’t waterproof. A bit of water got into the two side pockets, and the tissue inside the chest pocket got completely soaked. It didn’t stand out for any particular reason, but it’s still a solid rain jacket. Just don’t put your phone in its pockets.

Outdoor Research Microgravity (starting at $149.40; outdoorresearch.com)

The Microgravity from Outdoor Research fell out of contention after a poor waterproofness test. Again, the pockets were its downfall, and in the Microgravity’s case, so much water came through all of its pockets that our shirt got wet underneath. The interior material also felt quite itchy, so we just can’t justify spending $250 on this jacket.

L.L.Bean H2Off ($189; llbean.com)

The L.L.Bean was the heaviest jacket we tested, but it does have tons of pockets to carry everything you need when you go out. However, those pockets are nowhere close to being waterproof. Every tissue we put in its pockets came out drenched.

Columbia OutDry Ex Nanolite Shell ($300; columbia.com)

This jacket did not score very well, mainly due to a poor waterproofness test. Its hood channeled the water down our face and right into the jacket itself. We had to look directly at the ground to keep the water out, and couldn’t move our head like we could with other jackets. At the end of our test our shirt was completely soaked. It is incredibly light, but if you’re looking for a packable jacket, go for the $159 Outdoor Research Helium instead.

Columbia OutDry Ex Reign ($150; columbia.com)

This jacket had the same hood issue as the other Columbia coat, and water ran right down into the neck of the jacket. It’s heavy, not portable, doesn’t feel comfortable on the inside and isn’t very breathable either.

Helly-Hansen Moss Hooded Raincoat (starting at $65; amazon.com)

This jacket didn’t impress us much, as it wasn’t very breathable, didn’t hold up well in our rub test and is the only jacket we tested that you can’t throw in the dryer. It was decently waterproof, but its hood is a little flimsy and its pockets don’t zip close, although the tissues we put in there didn’t get as wet as some other jackets.

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