Rigid boxes are sturdy paper boxes made from thick particle board

What are Rigid Boxes or Set-up Boxes?

Rigid boxes are sturdy paper boxes made from thick particle board (often 2-3mm) wrapped in a special decorative paper.

They are also called stackable boxes, gift boxes and premium packs.

Rigid boxes are premium packaging options that are commonly used for the following purposes:

  • Board game
  • Jewelry
  • gift

In addition, the rigid package creates a strong sense of quality that enhances the customer’s unboxing experience and increases the opportunity to create a strong brand story.

Rigid boxes offer many branding opportunities through printing and finishing, including:

  • Hot forging
  • Embossed/embossed
  • Coating
  • Decorative elements

Rigid and flexible packaging

You can tell the difference between a flex pack and a hard pack from the name alone.

Rigid packaging is a trending packaging segment made up of board, which refers to rigid, rigid packaging rather than flexible packaging alternatives.

Rigid packaging, as its name implies, does not change shape. It offers sturdy construction and support, as well as a relatively luxurious look.

However, it is not as strong or protective as other types of packaging, such as cardboard, but it still provides a robust structure for the product.

Flexible packages, on the other hand, are easy to fold and can be shaped into any shape.

The main difference in this context is that it is universal.

Flexible packages basically include easily collapsible packages, such as folding carton, and are available in a variety of sizes.

It is important to understand the difference between a rigid package and a hard box.

Rigid or folding boxes are made from thick, durable cardboard, creating a luxury packaging solution.

However, the rigid packaging industry covers a wide range of materials, including metals and glass.

In this case, focus on the rigid cardboard box.

Rigid boxes represent a small but growing segment of the huge rigid packaging market.

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