How To Wrap The Gift

Amaze family and friends with beautifully wrapped gifts. The Japanese folding technique is straightforward and suitable even for complete beginners. If their gifts are square or rectangular, you can cover them as the Japanese do. Computer games, books, sweets, calendars, and all kinds of boxes can be packed.

We start with the first folding instructions. It is extremely easy and suitable even for beginners.

The necessary materials for the craft project are: 

  • A pair of scissors, 
  • wrapping paper (colored or plain), 
  • A gift closed in a rigid box
  • A ruler,
  • Double-sided tape.
  1. First, cut the wrapping paper. Make sure that the piece of paper is 10 cm wider and 20 cm longer than the gift. 
  2. First, place the wrapping paper so that the bottom is facing up. Fold it in half and then fold 6 strips about 3cm wide on top of each other. 
  3. You now need to unfold the wrapping paper, turn it over and crease the folds with the ruler. Then turn the wrapping paper over again so that the inside is facing you. 
  4. Place the gift in the middle, leaving about 5 cm left and right. 
  1. Wrap the gift in the paper and glue the two edges of the long sides together. 
  2. Press the wrapping paper on the short left side from the top of the gift. Fold the bottom side in to form a triangle. 
  3. Crease the bottom side and glue it to the gift. Repeat the process on the other short side.

Let your creativity run free and wrap the presents in such a way that they look great. Our tip: Choose a color scheme and buy two – three blinds of colored wrapping paper. Make greeting cards out of the paper and then decorate the presents with a nice bow.

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