Men’s Cardigan – A Versatile Style Staple

Mens Cardigan

Men’s Cardigan – A Versatile Style Staple

Men?s Cardigan is a versatile style staple that’s a little more casual than a blazer jacket. It is also more resilient against wrinkles and can be worn with just about any type of shirt.

Though a cardigan may conjure images of doting grandfathers or Mr Rogers, it can be a great way to convey both maturity and stability. Look for styles with horn, mother of pearl, or wood buttons instead of plastic ones.


A cardigan is one of those men’s wardrobe staples that are hard to mess up. It can be worn with just about any shirt in your closet and still look good. That makes it a great option for those times when you need to dress up a bit but not so much that you want to wear a suit jacket or sport coat.

Usually made from fine gauge wool and cottons, cardigans can be fitted for a smart appearance or left a little looser for a casual look. There are also chunkier styles for wearing with jeans and work-friendly trousers like chinos or flannel. Whatever you choose, the fit is important — it should be comfortable and not saggy. The shoulder seams should end where the top of your bicep starts (if they reach down to your chest you have too much fabric).

If you’re looking for something more contemporary, look for a cardigan in a bolder shade or patterned design. This can elevate it out of the realm of dad-style weekend knitwear and into a look that’s on trend for 2023.

When it comes to color, browns, greys and beiges are typically suited for fall and winter while blues, reds and light greens are more suitable for summer. Leaving the bottom button undone can help your cardigan adapt to a seated position better than if you’re wearing it buttoned all the way up.


A cardigan is one of the best wardrobe investments you can make, especially for guys. It’s lightweight, forgiving of wrinkles, and big enough to wear over a men’s dress shirt or flannel work shirt while still being small enough to layer under a blazer jacket. It’s also a good choice for on-the-go wear since it’s easy to toss in your backpack or car and can be used to cover yourself up when the temperature dips.

It’s also a great option for guys who want to up Men’s Cardigan their style game without going full-on dandy. A well-tailored shawl collar cardigan, for example, can elevate any suit and add just the right touch of warmth while making you look more thoughtful and refined. And a simple, solid-hued knit that’s baggy but not too baggy can be worn with everything from ripped jeans to slim tailored trousers.

While the cardigan bridges the gap between sweaters, jackets and robes, its construction should still be clear from afar. For instance, it shouldn’t be too tight against your skin or have a lot of decorative buttons (although some styles have a small number of wooden toggles for variety). A men’s cardigan should fit loosely in the shoulders but then taper down through the chest and belly to the waist. Lastly, it should be long enough to cover your belt or waistband when buttoned up, although there’s nothing wrong with a shorter style for casual wear.


A cardigan is more forgiving than a suit jacket when it comes to fit, but that doesn’t mean you should slack off on getting the right one. You want it to be soft and stretchy without sagging or pulling. Ideally, it should hug your body where you want it to — narrower under the rib cage and widening back out toward the hips. It should also flatter your figure, and a tailored shape is usually better than an oversize one.

If you’re looking for a cardigan with a little more structure, consider one with a shawl collar. These styles are generally thicker and chunkier, making them ideal for cold weather. They also tend to look polished and refined when worn with a relaxed button-up shirt and dress pants for a business casual outfit. For skinny guys, a chunky cardigan can add weight and balance to their frames, especially when paired with dark denim.

If you’re looking for a cardigan that’s both casual and office-appropriate, try a fine-gauge cotton style from Lands’ End. It’s available in a quartet of pleasing neutral tones and even comes with an option to monogram it for that extra level of prep. Pair it with a classic polo shirt and dark wash jeans for a casual outfit or go full-on workwear by tucking the sweater into tailored trousers from a company like Bonobos.


A cardigan can be a key piece in an office uniform or a snazzy outer layer for a cool day. It is generally worn with a collared shirt and can be layered under a suit jacket or blazer for extra warmth. But it is also possible to create a casual look with a tee or even a turtleneck.

A good cardigan will fit well and be flattering to the chest, tapering down through the shoulders and down the torso. It should then broaden out slightly around the waist and hips. This creates a shape that is very different to a jacket or a sweater, but is more flattering to most men. It can also give the impression of a slimmer figure than a fuller one.

Buttoning is another important consideration with a cardigan. It is generally considered better to leave Men’s Cardigan Manufacturer the bottom button undone when it is part of a more formal ensemble. This is similar to the practice with a waistcoat, and also allows the garment to adapt to a seated position. It also avoids the appearance of a belly button bulge that can be unflattering.

As with all clothing, a cardigan can be improved by good care. It should be laundered regularly to ensure it stays fresh and free from odours. It can also be hand washed and laid to dry, although it is best to have a professional dry cleaner do this as wool can get damaged by chemicals in commercial laundry detergents. It is also a good idea to regularly inspect the cardigan for any signs of wear and tear such as loose seams or “pilling” (little round balls that form on knit fabrics).

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