3 Helpful Tips on How to Fix a Gel Manicure

Gel manicures typically last longer than a regular manicure and dry instantly under UV light. They also smudge, chip, and peel resistant to match your man’s busy schedule. Gel nail polish can last up to three weeks, but sometimes mistakes can happen and ruin your gel manicure. 

So, if you are looking for helpful tips on how to fix a gel manicure, you will discover that there are a lot of different options. In this article, we’ll share 3 most common and helpful tips on how to fix a gel manicure. 

3 Helpful Tips To Fix a Gel Manicure:

Some people suggest that you can simply use rubbing alcohol to remove the gel polish. However, this method is not effective because it will take a long time to do and the nails may be very damaged by the rubbing alcohol. Therefore, it is recommended that you use acetone instead.

Another way to remove the gel polish is to soak your nails in oil or warm water for a few minutes, then use an orangewood stick to scrape off the gel polish. You should avoid using natural wooden sticks since they are very harsh and may cause damage to your nails. If you have sensitive skin, soaking your nails in vinegar will also help you remove the gel polish.

Repair any chips by applying a clear base coat and then filling in with matching colored polish. To hide an imperfection on the surface of your nail, add a top coat to smooth the surface and then paint over with matching colored polish.

If you really don’t want to waste time and money using any of these methods, just go to some professional manicure salons and ask them for advice. They will surely give you some useful information about fixing your manicure so that it looks fresh and neat again.

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