Types of Privacy Window Film

privacy window film

Types of Privacy Window Film

Privacy window film offers superior daytime privacy without the hassle of installing cumbersome drapes. Plus, it’s energy efficient, glare-reducing and blocks UV rays.

Opaque films make windows completely private. This can be an excellent choice for bathrooms and other areas where around-the-clock privacy is required. However, the mirrored aesthetic may not be a good fit for some architectural styles.

One-Way Mirror

This is a popular choice for residential and commercial windows that want a tinted look from the inside but still need to be able to see out. Unlike blackout window film which is completely opaque from the outside, one-way mirror privacy window film looks clear on both sides and only allows natural light in during bright conditions. It is also a great option for vehicles where tint laws require a higher transparency level.

You’ve probably seen this type of privacy window film in action in police TV shows where they use it to allow officers to observe suspects without them being able to be seen through the windows. This specialized window film is made by sandwiching an ultra-thin reflective layer between two layers of transparent window film and looks like a mirror from the outside during the day.

Besides letting you see out while others can’t see in, one way mirror film rejects heat, glare, and UV rays. This helps you stay comfortable during the summer and reduces the need for air conditioning, saving you money on your energy bill.

While homeowners can benefit from the daytime privacy of this type of window film, it is most popular among businesses and co-working offices. With the rise of remote work and co-working spaces, office managers are often looking for privacy window film ways to provide privacy while allowing employees the flexibility to collaborate freely from anywhere in the building. One way mirror window film is the perfect solution to this problem and can help you create privacy in any room.


Blackout is a specialized type of window film that instantly blocks the view from both sides, day or night. This film is a great option for businesses that want to add privacy to their buildings and keep prying eyes from scoping out sensitive areas. It also helps reduce heat and rejects UV rays. This professional standard privacy window film is simple to install and comes in a solid black finish.

It can be used in bathrooms, living rooms, office spaces, or anywhere else that would benefit from additional privacy. It can even be applied to storefront windows to create uniformity and help reduce glare on merchandise.

Unlike blinds and curtains, window film doesn’t require regular washing or tedious wiping to maintain its appearance. It’s also maintenance-free, which saves you money on energy costs. Additionally, it doesn’t leave behind dust build-up and cobwebs as often.

Solar Art recently installed this window film in a bank to provide privacy for employees. The bank wanted to prevent outsiders from seeing into their private workspace and avert any possible break-ins or robberies. The result was a streamlined look privacy window film with the added privacy they were seeking. For more information about installing privacy window film in your home or business, contact Solar Art today! We can install one-way mirror, frosted, or decorative window film to enhance your space.


If you want complete, round-the-clock privacy, window film that’s totally opaque is your best option. Like frosted windows, these films block out light and visibility from the outside. They’re typically applied to the interior side of the glass, which helps protect the film from sun exposure and prolongs its lifespan.

Unlike etched, sandblasted, or textured glass, which can be permanent additions to your space, privacy window film is a removable solution that’s perfect for DIYers. Its simple installation process allows you to create a decorative look for your windows without having to worry about cleaning and maintenance.

Window film is also a great option for commercial properties, including areas that need extra privacy to protect assets and the safety of occupants, like server rooms and management offices. The reflective qualities of window film also deter intruders from seeing what’s inside, which can be a powerful deterrent against crime.

If you prefer a more traditional look, this style of privacy window film offers a classic frost appearance with less reflection during the day and a natural view from the inside at night. These types of films also reduce air conditioning costs, inhibit 78% of solar energy (total solar heat), and block 99% of UV energy, which can cause furniture and skin damage. These benefits make them a great alternative to curtains and blinds, especially for residential windows.


As the name suggests, reflective window film creates a one-way mirror effect on the outside of your windows, making it difficult to see into your home or business. This type of privacy glass film is common in offices and other commercial buildings because it can improve productivity by reducing glare from the sun without sacrificing natural light. It also reduces air conditioning costs by reflecting a large percentage of the sunlight and UV rays that would otherwise enter the building.

However, there are some drawbacks to using this type of window film for your property. It changes the appearance of your windows and can make them look darker. Moreover, it will not work during the night, so if you require 24-hour privacy, you should consider another option.

In addition to offering increased privacy, this window film helps to reinforce the window glass and reduce its potential for shattering during a break-in. This is particularly helpful for vulnerable windows such as garage doors and front-facing windows in your house where a burglar might attempt to get in. It also keeps the glass together and protects your belongings from being shattered into dangerous fragments, which can be a serious hazard to your family’s safety. For more security benefits, this type of window film can be bonded to the glass for extra protection.

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