Compost Machines For Composting Cow Dung

cow dung compost machine

Compost Machines For Composting Cow Dung

Composting cow dung is a way to rid your soil of dangerous ammonia and pathogens. It also improves aeration and loosens compacted soil.

Cow manure is rich in macroelements like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These elements affect protein production and seed and fruit growth in plants.

After composting, it can be processed into granulated organic fertilizer or powdery organic fertilizer for commercial use.

Crawler type compost turner

A crawler type compost turner is an important equipment for organic fertilizer production. It has a large capacity, high power and stable working efficiency. In addition, it is flexible in operation and easy to maintain. It can be used on both flat and uneven ground, which makes it a suitable choice for many places.

It can handle a variety of materials, such as cow dung, pig manure, horse dung, poultry manure, sludge, plant straw and household garbage. During the composting process, you only need to pile up these materials into a stack and they will be stirred and crushed at regular intervals by this machine to decompose under aerobic conditions.

In this way, the fermentation period can be reduced to 7-15 days and the finished organic fertilizer can be produced in 20-30 days. The whole process can be a cost-effective solution for you to reduce your production costs and improve the quality of your finished product.

Compared with wheel windrow compost turners, the hydraulic auxiliary crawler turner is more versatile in operation and can be customized to add a hydraulic walking system. This feature is especially beneficial for soil remediation and sludge treatment applications.

SEEC, a leading manure to fertilizer equipment manufacturer, offers you several types of windrow compost turners: crawler type and self-propelled. This kind of equipment has a wide range of application and is widely accepted in farm, industrial and municipal composting.

The crawler type can be operated by one person, so it is suitable for small and medium sized farms or enterprises. It can also be used for the fermentation of a variety of wastes, such as livestock and poultry manure, sludge, agricultural waste, sugar mill filter sludge, household garbage and so on.

It is a popular and effective way to compost cow dung. Its fermentation process can be adjusted according to the temperature and moisture of raw material piles. It also has the ability to crush caking and prevent hydrogen sulfide and amine gas production, which can greatly increase the fermentation quality and improve the work efficiency.

Besides, the whole machine can be covered by a cab and can isolate heat generated during fermentation and odor. This will make it easier to drive in wet and windy weather.

Moving type compost turner

A moving type compost turner is a kind of special equipment in the production of bio organic fertilizer. It is a four-wheel walking style tractor, which can move forward, backward, turn around and be controlled by one person. It is mounted on a pre-piled long strip of bio organic materials, and the rotary knife shaft mounted under the frame is used to blend, loosen, move or turn.

This is a very economical machine in terms of space, time, diesel, manpower and shortening the fermentation cycle. It is widely applied in small scale organic waste processing plants.

Its main advantages are large turning capacity, high productivity and strong adaptability to site. It can produce 160-200 tons finished fertilizer per hour. It is easy to control and convenient to maintain, making it an ideal composting equipment for small farms with less investment.

The moving type compost turner is very important to the operation of the organic waste composting system. The rotary knives shaft need to be checked and replaced regularly.

When the rotary knives shaft is not working, the rotating blades cannot move properly. The machine needs a maintenance staff to replace the shaft when necessary, so it can be operated smoothly and safely.

Another important part of this machine is the cow dung compost machine water spray device. It can be sprayed to dampen the cow dung when the water content in the compost pile is too dry. This can help the microorganisms in your cow dung to decompose quickly.

As a result, the compost pile can reach an aerobic condition, accelerating the decomposition process. It can also kill pathogens and weed seeds, reducing your farm’s emissions and improving soil quality.

There are several types of moving compost turners available, including straddle and elevating face models. Straddles are tractor-powered or loader-powered. These machines move material toward the center of a windrow, turning it in one pass. Most models use either a belt or hydraulic power. They can cover the entirety of a windrow or a slice of it, and often have additional conveyors on the back to place the material in a desired location.

Chain plate type compost turner

The chain plate compost turner is a high-efficiency equipment to convert organic wastes into a valuable fertilizer. It is especially suitable for trench aerobic composting of organic solid waste, such as sludge garbage, straw and livestock manure.

It is designed with a walking system that adopts variable frequency speed regulation to adapt well to change in working load. During the fermentation process, the material is continuously picked up and transported from the bottom of the fermentation groove to a high point and then dropped into a pile. This makes the materials get enough oxygen to decompose them and dissipate excessive heat quickly. It also enables the microorganisms in the raw materials to fully contact with oxygen, which is beneficial for better aerobic composting of the organic waste.

In addition, the moving system of this machine is equipped with 390 curved surface blades, which can greatly improve the crushing ability of the equipment. The shaped blades can not only crush the materials but also mix them evenly.

This kind of turner is the most economical mode to save soil and human resources during the ground pile fermentation process. It is cow dung compost machine widely used to handle organic wastes, such as agricultural waste, sludge garbage, wood scrap and straw powder. It can be used in the farm, plantation, workshop and so on.

The equipment has the advantages of good adaptability to different materials, stable operation, deep groove operation and high stack turning efficiency. In addition, it can shorten the fermentation time, improve production efficiency and product quality.

For this reason, many farmers choose this type of turning equipment for composting. In the same time, they can enlarge their production scale and reduce labor cost by replacing their worker with this equipment.

In addition, this machine has the features of small size, high productivity, thorough turning and long moving distance. It can be matched with slot-shift device to realize multi-slot turning, which is convenient for expanding the scale of the production and increasing production output.

This equipment is a great option for organic fertilizer making plants to replace their worker with the chain plate compost turner. This equipment is easy to operate and only requires one person to control it when working. This will save you a lot of money and ensure the safety of your workers.

Mixing machine

Mixing machines are used in a variety of industries. They are often a part of food processing, but they can also be used in oil and gas, construction, and industrial manufacturing. In these industries, mixers are a key part of the process, as they help to prevent human error and ensure that all products and processes are completed correctly.

The process of mixing involves thoroughly combining several different materials together, in order to create a homogenous product. This means that the mixture should be consistent in weight, particle size distribution, colour, and texture.

For this reason, it is important to purchase a high-quality mixer that is efficient and affordable. This machine should be able to mix various products with different chemical compositions, and it should have controllable electrical controls.

Another aspect to look for in a mixer is whether it can be automated and how easy it is to use. This will make it easier for you to maintain the machine and ensure that everything runs smoothly. It will also prevent accidents from occurring, such as a protruding screw causing injury to the operator.

When shopping for a mixer, make sure that it has no exposed screws or sharp edges. This is dangerous for the operator, and it can cause injuries that could result in lost production.

Additionally, the machine should have a locking system that will help to prevent accidental tripping. It should also have a safety mechanism that prevents the operator from accessing essential parts during the mixing process.

Finally, it is important to choose a mixing machine that is reliable and easy to clean. This will ensure that you can get the most out of your investment and keep your employees safe from harmful bacteria.

A multi-directional motion mixer is a type of mixer that has a drum that moves in opposite directions during the mixing process. This helps to minimize the negative impact of centrifugal force, which can otherwise cause the materials to lose their mixing properties.

A multi-directional motion mixer is a great choice for many applications. It is ideal for mixing liquids and dry powders, as well as mixed slurries. These mixing machines are usually made of stainless steel and are highly effective at creating a high-quality product.

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