Bathtub Forming Machine

Bathtub Forming Machine

Bathtub forming machine

Bathtub forming machine is a kind of machine that can be used in the process of forming bathtub. It uses the infrared heating technology and PLC control to produce tubular parts. It has six national patents and is suitable for thermoforming plastics. It is used for a variety of applications, such as bathtubs, automotive interiors, motorcycle decorater board, eclectic scooter shell, refrigerator cabinet, door panel, stepney cover and more. The infrared heater is a kind of energy-efficient heating technology. It can heat uniformly and quickly and can penetrate the plastic sheet.


Bathtub forming machines are used in making tubular products, such as binder clips, PVC pipes, and other tube-like components. The vacuum forming process allows these machines to produce a large number of parts in a relatively short period of time. This reduces the capital requirements for the machine and helps it achieve high production volumes.

Among the thermoforming machines, the br5 special spa series is a manual or automatic sheet-loading thermoforming machine. It is designed to process large parts without sheet sag control, and it has a sophisticated software for managing process parameters. This software allows the user to save all variables in a single program. Moreover, the br5 special spa series has total mould extraction, a proportional vacuum, and a second-line for borders.

Other advantages of this machine include its fast heating ability and compact structure. It is also useful for manufacturing acrylic bathtubs and wash basins. Moreover, it is very easy to operate and provides precision. The manufacturer, HANGZHOU YEED SPAMOULD & EQUIPMENT FACTORY, is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. It is a verified seller on Trade India and caters to a large consumer base in India.


A bathtub forming machine is a machine that is used to shape the bath tub by heating and deforming the plastic sheet. Bathtubs can be of different lengths and shapes and can also have different front and vacuum forming thermoforming machine back end sections. This machine is very versatile and can work on a variety of plastic materials.

A bathtub forming machine is used to manufacture acrylic bathtubs. It has a fast heating mechanism and is very easy to use. It is also very accurate and does not require any complicated process. vacuum forming thermoforming machine The acrylic bathtubs manufactured by this process are lightweight, smooth, durable, and resistant to color fading. They also have good heat insulation properties, meaning that the water inside them stays at a constant temperature.

A bathtub forming machine manufacturer can provide custom forming parts for their clients. These parts can be manufactured using CNC machining, wire EDM, and small hole drilling. They also provide engineering consulting, lathe work, welding, and testing services for their products. Lastly, a bathtub forming machine can be used for grooving and milling applications.


Bathtub vacuum forming machines have many different applications and produce parts in a variety of colours. They can create parts with different lengths and different styles of the front and back ends. The colours can be chosen to match the theme and style of the bathtub. Some of the popular colours are white, grey, and tan.

The colours of bathtub forming machine can be custom made. Some bathtub vacuum formers can produce special colours. Some of these bathtub vacuum forming machines can even produce coats or sheets of plastic. These machines are suitable for creating various plastic shapes and can be used in many industries. To learn more about this machine, read on.

Production rate

One of the challenges in the bathtub forming process is that the formed parts will not slide out of the tooling easily. In the past, press operators had to manually remove the formed parts. To overcome this problem, engineers came up with a way to pull the bathtub out of the die. They based this design on the technology used by Wayne Trail.

The production rate of a bathtub forming machine varies according to its type and capacity. The most common and affordable type is called the bathtub vacuum former. It consists of a large water tank and a large heating chamber. This process forms the plastic into sheets or films by applying a combination of heat and vacuum pressure. As the plastic is heated, it is pressed against a mold surface. The mold surface is then cooled with ice blocks or cold water. When the material has cooled to room temperature, the workpiece can be removed from the mold.

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