Compost Windrow Turner

Compost Windrow Turner

compost windrow turner

Compact design

A compost windrow turner has two main types: a pull-type and a self-propelled type. The pull-type type is powered by a tractor or hydraulic motor. This type of compost windrow turner is easy to breakdown and transport from one place to another. Self-propelled windrow turners are generally more durable and versatile.

The CT Series Windrow Compost Turner features multiple spray nozzles covering the entire tunnel and windrow width, ensuring even coverage for composting. This design allows the user to spray starter composts and inoculants evenly into the windrow. The CT Series Windrow Compost Turner is also equipped with a side-mounted trailing arm and optional WT5000 Water Wagon, which can help to water the windrow.

Compact design: Despite its compact size, the PT130 is an excellent choice for sites producing up to 9,000 tons of finished compost per season. With its single operator design, this tractor compost windrow turner is designed to provide comfort to the operator and produce the desired effect from turning action. It is also built to accommodate different sized windrows and is easy to transport.

Whether you have a large farm or a small farm, a compost windrow turner should be affordable and able to handle the work. A compact design will provide ample power and is an excellent choice for small-scale farmers and gardeners. You’ll find these turners easy to use and very economical. Just make sure to get a small tractor with hydrostatic drive transmission.

The compact design of the BACKHUS A30 Compost Windrow Turner will make composting much easier for you. compost windrow turner Its self-propelled design will save you space and the weight of additional equipment, making it easier for you to handle and maneuver. Furthermore, it features an auto-floating feature, so you can place windrows of varying height and width easily.

Compost windrow turners can help composters improve the quality of their compost by mixing oxygen and moisture into the material. They will also allow you to reduce the composting process from twelve to two months. They can also help the windrow establish pore space, which is crucial for the quality of your compost.

Conical rotor tunnel

The Conical rotor tunnel compost windrow-turner meets the stringent requirements for controlled microbial composting. Its smaller size makes it portable and easy to tow. The drum knives are reversible and 3/4″ short to prevent anaerobic layers from forming. They also prevent windrow collapse during the process.

The S-4 compost windrow-turning machine is a compact and low-maintenance model that can turn up to 14 feet of compost. Its replaceable steel blades offer maximum blending to the base of the windrow. This helps to create a chimney effect.

This windrow-turner also features a 50-cm-high rotor drum for processing the highest windrows. This model is also able to handle a wide variety of materials, including sugar cane. Its high-quality rotor drums and large open tunnel make it suitable for a wide range of composting applications.

A compost windrow turner is an essential tool for composting. It not only turns the pile of compost, but also helps mix oxygen and moisture into it. A compost windrow turner also helps maintain the correct temperature, allowing microorganisms to thrive. By turning your compost, you add oxygen to it and create pore space, both of which are essential to a high-quality compost.

An optional watering system provides water and innoculants into the windrow. This system is either attached to a water wagon or can be connected through an extended hose to a reservoir. The manufacturer of this machine has been manufacturing farm machinery for over 30 years, and has a vision to improve soil quality around the world.

Powerful hydraulic system

A compost windrow turner uses a powerful hydraulic system to turn a windrow. Its standard model is the state-of-the-art, with a turning capacity of 1,000 m3/h. Its compact design is ideal for transport on public roads. Its advanced conical rotor tunnel impresses with its smooth operation, optimized power utilization, and perfect structural stability.

The turning drum can be 3.3 yd wide and 3.3 yd high. The machine has an installed power of 150 kW and can process windrows up to 2,400 cu yd per hour. Its hydraulic system is easy to maintain and is compatible with any power source.

Compost windrow turner manufacturers are continuously trying to improve their products to make it easier to process more compost on a single site. This means they have been designing equipment to accommodate larger windrows and reduce the aisle space required. Many manufacturers have even added a four-wheel drive option, as well as wheels and crawler tracks to make it easier to move windrows. They also have self-driving capability, which allows them to turn a windrow with minimal turning radius. A few models even pivot instead of turning.

The compost windrow machine of the invention comprises a supporting frame and an elevator. It includes an elevating conveyor for picking up and mixing composted material. The windrow machine can also be attached to a tractor. This makes it easy to transport and load onto a transport carrier. It is available with an attachment that separates plastic trash bags. It is a very simple, effective, and low-maintenance machine for composting.

The CT Series Compost Windrow Turner uses a powerful hydraulic system that is controlled from the tractor cabin. The hydraulic system allows you to control the windrow turner’s height while turning, and it can also be used for high ground clearance. This machine also features a hose reel to maintain the correct moisture content of composting material.

Another great feature of the CT Series Windrow Compost Turner is the built-in focused watering system. This system has multiple nozzles that cover the full width and arc of the windrow. This makes it an ideal solution for applying compost starters and inoculants. Additionally, this model can be folded up for storage and transport.

Limited warranty

The Compost/Windrow Turner has a one-year limited warranty. These turners are ideal for small to medium compost piles, and feature a large, ergonomic cab. The blades are reversible for longer performance. They also keep the windrow clean and prevent anaerobic layers from forming.

SCARAB is the leading manufacturer of self-propelled compost windrow turners. Their machines are used in more than 20 countries and are renowned for their reliability, compost windrow turner fuel efficiency, and high production capacity. For these reasons, SCARAB compost windrow turners are a good investment for any farmer.

The company offers many different models and features, including a choice of diesel engine from Caterpillar, Cummins, or John Deere. Customers can also choose between a flail drum, auger, or hydraulic drum drive. There are also many drive options, including track or tire. Depending on the windrow size, a SCARAB compost windrow turner can turn windrows as small as 10 feet x four feet or as large as 29′ x 11 feet.

The windrow turner’s hydraulic system is easily operated from the tractor cabin, so no need to worry about power-robbing counterweights. Additionally, it is equipped with an Auto trip PTO driveline, which disengages automatically when the machine is put under excessive stress. Moreover, the unit is easily foldable and portable.

A Komptech Topturn X63 compost windrow turner features a CAT(r) C13 engine, and high-performance hydraulics. Its compact size and easy portability make it the ideal compost windrow turner for small and medium-sized operations. The CT5000 windrow turner offers high performance and is ideal for medium-sized composting operations. Alternatively, the CT5000 windrow turner is a high-end machine with an impressive 4800mm diameter.

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