Top 5 UV Panels for Special Effects Productions

UV panel

If you’re in the market for a new for your special effects productions, look no further. There are dozens of reasons why this type of light source is so popular. From a simple effect to wowing the audience, UV Panels can make your production stand out from the rest. You can find UV Panels that are high-quality, highly-performing, and versatile, so you can use them in a variety of ways.


A multi-tactile UV panel benefits the development of motor planning, cognitive development, and sensory integration. The panel has eight fluorescent chimes and a spinning wheel that kids will enjoy exploring. This product coordinates with other SensasoftTM products to offer the best sensory experience possible. To get the most out of your investment, buy a multi-tactile panel. These products are great for sensory-rich environments, such as preschools and kindergartens.

AccuCure Panels

The AccuCure UV panels are an affordable way to cure flat glass for a variety of applications. These units have a wide range of features including repositionable curing head and easy-to-clean focused reflector, adjustable gate height, and optional 4–20 mA input for controlling the curing process. The high-intensity UV light provides superior cure results while minimising distortion and heat transmission.

Magicard PRIMA434 YMCK-UV ribbons

If you need a YMCK printer ribbon, Magicard 433 is the right choice. This ribbon can print up to 750 plastic cards and includes two black resin panels. The YMCK ribbon is used on one side of the card, and the black resin panel is used on the other side. Normally, the YMCK printer ribbon is used for black text and line art.


The TRACY(r) UV panel from LED iBond is a versatile, energy-efficient solution for integrating light and data. LED iBond has developed a patented technology that features the thinnest and lightest LED basis available, resulting in total design flexibility, full IoT integration, and low overall cost of ownership. The company has deployed its patented technology in many projects, including the installation of more than 3.2 km of Tracy(r) panels at DTU.

TRACY(r) UV Control Panel

The Fresh-Aire UV Control Panel is an electro-mechanical and transparent ABS plastic unit. Its hour meter shows operational status and can send alarms when replacement lamps are needed. It incorporates an amp current sensor and can report efficacy data to the building automation system. In addition, it supports up to eight UV-C lamps simultaneously. Building engineers and contractors can easily install and maintain a Fresh-Aire UV control system.

AuREUS material

The AuREUS material for UV panels combines two important technologies: light harvesting and electricity generation. Using waste crops to collect UV light and turn it into electricity, this technology is able to generate power without the need for direct sunlight. It uses waste materials to achieve its goal and even won the James Dyson Sustainability Prize. Using this technology, the panel can be attached to windows and walls or even a roof.

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