As the name indicates, a “top coat” is a nail item that coats the top.

As the name indicates, a “top coat” is a nail item that coats the top.

It’s an indispensable product for nails, and also it impacts the finish as well as look of nails, so make certain to know it.

Used to protect gloss and design

The duty of the leading layer is used to polish the nails and shield the style.

If you are a self-nail musician, you may recognize that if you simply use nail color, it will certainly come off right away or the parts will come off because of the impact.

Right now, if you make use of a leading layer, it will certainly not come off quickly and will certainly look attractive.

Just how is it different from the base coat?

Unlike the leading layer, the skim coat is an item that “safeguards your nails as well as makes it less complicated to use nails.”

It has the same function as a make-up base. The majority of them are separated from the top coat, however some products additionally work as the base and top, so please use them as required.

How to utilize the leading layer and suggestions?

The top layer is very easy to use.

  1. Toenail and completely dry well
  2. Use the leading layer as well as let it completely dry.

Nevertheless, since it is positioned on the top of the nail, you require to understand just how to apply it.

  • Do not be reluctant and apply all of it at once.
  • A leading layer that straight impacts the look

to fill up the spaces in unequal locations. When using, allow’s use at once so as not to be uneven. Also, depending upon the layout, there might be irregularities. You can aim for a surface that highlights an all-natural gloss by filling up the spaces as well as layering a leading coat so as not to produce uneven coating.

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