Advantages of UV MDF Board

Advantages of UV MDF Board

What are the advantages of UV MDF board? Let’s see. Its glossy finish and scratch resistance makes it the perfect material for your house’s interior decor. And because it’s UV coated, its surface is highly resistant to haze and weather changes. In addition, it’s also incredibly durable. You won’t have to worry about chipping or cracking, which makes it perfect for heavy-duty projects.

High-gloss UV ACRYLIC MDF board

This type of MDF board is characterized by a high-gloss surface and an anti-scratch finish. The UV-curing process provides added protection to the board’s surface. This type of board has become increasingly popular in the modern decoration industry. There are many benefits to using UV MDF board, including a total length of 160 meters, one-time molding, and a faster turnaround time. The company also produces approximately 2,000 sheets of UV-coated MDF board daily.

UV treated MDF panel is highly glossy and is an excellent choice for cabinetry, kitchen shutters, furniture, and more. Thanks to its uniform pasting of veneers on MDF, UV treated MDF panels have an extremely smooth finish. Moreover, they are highly resistant to moisture and have the added benefit of being easy to maintain. It is ideal for both interior and exterior design projects. However, it is important to note that UV-treated MDF boards are not suitable for use on walls, ceilings, or doors.

A high-gloss UV ACRYLIC MDP board has excellent durability and appearance. Its surface is made of a combination of melamine film and polyurethane lacquer. The UV curing process provides a hard surface with enhanced scratch and corrosion resistance. In addition, UV curing of the upper layer ensures that the surface is harder and brighter than other MDF boards.

Acrylic Surface MDF boards offer outstanding gloss levels and improved scrub resistance. The acrylic boards are made of 17mm MDF material covered with 0.7mm of gloss lacquered acrylic on the front side and 0.6mm of high-impact polystyrene film on the reverse. The products are supplied with a protective PE foil for further protection. The UV-coated MDF board is also highly resistant to chemicals and abrasions.

Pure white color

High Glossy UV MDF Board is a good choice for kitchen cabinet doors and bedroom wardrobes. It also looks great as a TV stand, exhibition panel, bookshelf, and shoe cabinet. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors and is ideal for interior decoration. Here are some benefits of UV MDF Boards:

UV high-end marble series MDF board combines MDF Board with melamine paper imported from Europe. UV paint spraying makes the material look much more realistic. It is one of the first factories in China to manufacture marble color. It features a double-sided melamine paper with UV paints on one side. The result is a beautiful, luxurious surface that will last for years. UV high-end marble series MDF board is also available in many other colors.

The UV MDF board is ideal for greasy locations, but also has many advantages. Its short production cycle makes it easy to process, and it can be repaired with the same color. Compared to the lacquer-based version, UV MDF board is a popular choice. Its benefits include a dust-free workshop, one-time molding, and faster delivery. The output per day is approximately 2,000 sheets.

Scratch-resistant surface

The scratch-resistant surface of UV MDF board is achieved by a process that involves a combination of water-based and UV-curable systems. The water-based method is advantageous as it preserves good film properties, while maintaining good scratch resistance. In addition, it provides better abrasion and scratch resistance than existing solutions on the market. Here are the main characteristics of UV-curable surfaces.

Ultraviolet-curing paint. UV decorative panel is a board that has been treated with UV paint. It is widely used in modern decoration industry. UV MDF board has many advantages. It has a total length of 160 meters, dust-free workshop, one-time molding, and faster delivery. The output of the production line is around 2,000 sheets per day. It is easy to clean and maintain. The surface of UV MDF board is scratch-resistant.

Scratch-resistant UV MDF board is available in different finishes. It mimics the look of stone and offers better design flexibility and options. It is an excellent choice for high-traffic environments. Its versatility and durability make it a great choice for a variety of applications. It is available in different colors and gloss levels, and can also be cut and contoured. The UV-MDF board is scratch-resistant, and it doesn’t show fingerprints.

UV-curable MDF board can be sprayed with powders to improve the scratch-resistant surface. Typically, the applied layer thickness is between 35 and 100 Km. Several types of spray guns are available, including corona-charging guns. Some spray guns may require pre-heating the board. However, tribo-charging guns have a better coating adhesion rate.


The Ultraviolet or UV paint treatment is a common process used in the modern decoration industry. UV MDF board has a smooth surface and is painted with UV paint. Several advantages of UV MDF board include its total length of 160 meters, dust-free workshop, one-time molding, and faster delivery time. Besides, it resists water and swells if edge banding is not used.

The glossy surface of this material makes it an ideal material for kitchen cabinet doors, bedroom wardrobe doors, and interior decoration. It is also a good choice for exhibition panels, bookshelves, and shoe cabinets. The UV coating makes it highly resistant to scratches and haze. As a result, it is highly resistant to the environment and does not corrode. Also, it is suitable for outdoor applications and has excellent weather-change resistance.

The UV high-end marble series MDF board has an exquisite design. It uses melamine surface paper imported from Europe to create a more realistic effect. It is one of the first factories in China to produce marble color. It consists of two layers of the same-color melamine paper, with UV paint on one side. The resulting board is extremely beautiful and long-lasting. In addition to its durability, UV MDF is also a great option for high-end interior design.

A great advantage of UV Wood is that it eliminates the need for spray coating. You can create your furniture with UV-treated MDF and melamine-impregnated Prelam. This UV-treated MDF board will not absorb solvents, thereby minimizing labor and costs. It will also resist fading and won’t discolor over time. It is also an eco-friendly product and comes ready to use.


It is very possible to purchase mdf uv boards at factory price in China. This product is very cheap. You can buy it in bulk to save more money. The price will vary depending on the quantity and country you import from. Tradewheel is a Business-to-Business platform featuring 7125 products from 22 categories. It is a good option for those who are looking for quality products at reasonable prices. In addition, Tradewheel offers flexible prices.

The two companies employ about 20 people and together earn $4-$5 million per year. The company uses about 15,000 square feet of space to produce MDF. Using a UV cured powder coating system, DVUV can complete the MDF part in 20 minutes. This includes an IR/convection preheat and coating in a fully automated Nordson Excel 2000 powder coating system with an iControl automatic gun controller.

UV MDF board offers several advantages. It can be used in greasy areas and is easy to process. The UV paints on the surface of the board make it easier to repair any damages to the material. It is more durable than lacquer-based versions. It is available in solid colors with 0.4-mm paint thickness. UV MDF boards are popular in North America, Europe, and Oceania. You can even use UV-cured MDF boards in kitchens and bathrooms.

The cost-effectiveness of UV MDF boards has been confirmed by research. UV varnishes have very low VOC content. The amount of material applied by spray application increased by the lowest possible loss factor. This is the same principle used in the production of high gloss UV MDF furniture. But there is one caveat: UV varnishes are more expensive than conventional MDF boards. It may be difficult for you to find an MDF board that doesn’t contain any UV dye.

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