A guide about FRAMELESS TV

A guide about FRAMELESS TV

Frameless TVs

TV, frameless

Frameless TVs are full-screen TV with soundbar and ultra-slim technology, and their vision is more immersive in action. These kinds of frameless TVs help to get rid of the frame of traditional TV. Its larger screen ratio makes the image more immersive and shocking.

New suspension technology has unique designs with a perfect soundbar, giving the screen a more professional and substantial look. And the screen fitting technology without a frame on the three sides makes it firm and more beautiful.

A frameless design introduced in the form of frameless televisions utilizes the entire screen. It helps to provide a more focus on the content due to its super-slim bezel. The screen bezel is the area around the net. It is a border between the screen and the device frame.


Dynamic acceleration technology

Frameless television holds a unique feature of dynamic acceleration technology. This feature increases the clock rate of a single-core above the base operating system.

Ultra-high-definition picture quality

Frameless televisions also hold the Ultra-HD picture quality feature called UHD or 4K technology. This type of resolution is increasing and is used highly in televisions, media players, and video content. This screen resolution is about 8.3 megapixels.

Full metal frame

The full metal frame has surrounded the sides of the frameless televisions, which provides a solid grip on the screen.

Full metal stand base

An entire metal stand base is also given along with such frameless televisions and is a necessary part. This stand base helps to hold the frameless television and avoid sudden breakage.

High screen to body ratio

Frameless televisions also hold a high screen-to-body ratio.

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