Corrugated cardboard is a material that is obtained by stacking layers of paper.

Have you ever noticed that different types of corrugated box are used to make packaging materials when packaging company products or preparing e-commerce orders? Each of them has different characteristics in terms of aesthetics, resistance and flexibility. As a result, its use can be adapted for a variety of purposes: supporting heavy weights, adapting to the shape of the content or making a good impression on the recipient.

Do you want to know more about the types of cardboard that exist, their uses and the containers that can identify them? Well stay with us: you are in the right place.

What is cardboard?

Before looking at the types of cardboard on the market, you need to understand what cardboard is and how it is made.

Corrugated cardboard is a material that is obtained by stacking layers of paper made from cellulose fibers extracted directly from wood or recycled paper. Corrugated cardboard has the same origin, but differs from paper in that it is thicker and heavier.

Grams are the weight of one square meter of paper or cardboard in grams. The packaging industry believes that the larger the particle size of the board, the greater the strength and security provided during the storage and transportation process.

Corrugated box is made up of the following two elements.

Flute or Medium: One or more sheets of corrugated paper placed in the center.

Liner: Cardboard plate that is placed between the flute layers and acts as a separator for them.

The more layers you add, the thicker the cardboard will be, and depending on the number, you will find single, double or triple channel cardboard.

A variant of corrugated board is honeycomb corrugated board which, instead of corrugated, adopts a hexagonal structure with a wavy corrugated honeycomb-like shape. This type of corrugated cardboard acts as an internal separator in the transport of fragile objects (glass, ceramics, etc.) and is very popular in the manufacture of large-format posters and banners.

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