How Long the Gel Nail Polish Lasts Without UV Light?

Unlike normal gel nail polish, you do not need UV light in this situation. Therefore, the gel nail polish of this type does not last long.

  • Standard gel nails have to be cured under UV light. That’s why they last much longer than gel nails without UV light.
  • Depending upon the brand name as well as producer, the gel nail gloss lasts in between one and 3 weeks without UV light. The far better you allow the nail gloss completely dry, the longer the outcome will certainly last.
  • In addition, the more frequently you come into contact with water and hostile agents, the quicker fractures develop in the gel nail gloss. The sides, as well as edges, can likewise chip as well as fall off.
  • On the other hand, the gel nail gloss with UV light is more secure versus water and also chemical agents.
  • To ensure that your gel nail polish lasts longer without UV light, it is best to use a fresh overcoat every two to three days.
  • If parts of your nail polish have been damaged, it is best to get rid of the gel nail gloss with an average nail gloss remover. If you do not have one with you, you can additionally remove your nail gloss without using nail polish cleaner. In this case, you will certainly need to make use of a little even more force than with regular nail gloss. After that use a nourishing and also beneficial cold cream to maintain your fingernails as well as cuticles from drying.

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