All about lace fabric

All about lace fabric

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Lace is a patterned fabric produced with machines and/or some intricate handwork by looping, braiding or twisting a thread. Often woven from cotton, silk or rayon it has a distinct embroidered pattern. The lace fabric has an open weave with visible space in between the weaves.

There are four main types of laces: embroidered laces, Russell laces, and river laces.

Embroidery lace

Embroidered lace is made by embroidering the fabric with an embroidered lace machine, and is also called embroidery lace. Some of these laces have the fabric left as it is (tulle lace and cotton lace), and some have the fabric completely melted and only the embroidery thread remains (chemical lace).

River lace

River lace is a lace made by twisting threads.Among the mechanical laces, the river lace, which is made by twisting thin threads (using some threads to make one), uses a lot of threads, the knitting speed of the machine is slow, and the hands of skilled

craftsmen are required. It can be said that it is the closest race to the handicraft industry.

Russell lace

Russell lace is a lace made by knitting yarn. Although it is a product similar to river lace, Russell lace is a kind of warp knitting machine (machine that knits vertically), and the pattern is made of knitting structure.

Torsion lace

Torsion lace is a lace made by braiding threads, and is said to have been born in the Torsion region of Italy and raised in Barmen, Germany. Among the royal aristocrats of medieval Europe, it is said that even boys used it for collars and sleeves

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