How To Dress Warmly In Winter – And Look Good

You like to wrap yourself in huge scarves that could also be used as a blanket, take out your functional jacket, fleece sweater, and fur boots. The motto “mainly warm” hardly makes a fashion heart beat faster or at all. But: There are a few fashion tricks to avoid having to bury your complete sense of style under the ice, snow, and down jacket layer of winter. What is necessary?

Pay Attention To The Proportions:

The good old onion look. It is important that one part of the outfit gives the body a contour and not all individual parts of the look are voluminous and only warming. A thick down women’s coat? Combine it with skinny jeans. Try not to wear bulky snow boots, but shoes that stretch the body – for example, boots with a small but thick heel that you can wear with cozy socks inside.

Wear More Color Contrasts:

If the whole look is a single grey-beige mishmash of woolly individual parts, it will never look stylish. A pink scarf, red beanie, or neon gloves instantly add interest and keep you extra warm. And if you are a bit more daring when it comes to color, you can not only choose the accessories in a bright tone but also opt for bright tones such as red, pink, or yellow for the thick-down jacket.

Combine Different Textures:

Every look immediately looks classy when worn with leather trousers. As a break-in style, you can wear a coarsely knit sweater, a fur jacket, or heavy boots that keep you particularly warm and are winterproof. A delicate silk blouse that only peeks out at the hem of the sweater works well as a contrast. Lots of layers but definitely a chic look.

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