Gel Nail Care Tip: Always Take The Time To Apply a Base Coat

Have you ever looked at your nails and just wished they were stronger? Are your nails thin and weak, or do they break with the slightest touch? You can have healthy, strong nails without relying on acrylic enhancements. The key is to keep your nails strong and healthy with a base coat

Base coats serve as the layer that protects your nail from water, polish, and any potential hazards that may cause damage.

Lacquer base coats are typically slightly thicker than regular nail polish. This is because they contain a resin substance that strengthens the nails and prevents chipping and peeling.

To use a base coat, you apply it just like regular nail polish. Then you apply two coats of regular colored nail polish on top of that. The base coat makes the nails appear healthier and makes the regular nail polish last longer by preventing damage to the nails.

However, the key point here is time. Always take the time to apply your base coat. Wait for your base first layer to dry completely before applying any other layer over it. 

If you don’t give the base coat enough time to dry, you may end up messing with the gel manicure. Therefore, it is crucial to have patience and let the base coat dry first. Just wait under the LED lamp for just 70 to 90 seconds. That’s all! 

Base coats hardly take two minutes to dry out completely. So, don’t rush and always take time to apply your base coat patiently. 

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