Men’s Cardigan

Mens Cardigan

Men’s Cardigan

Men?s Cardigan is one of those staple garments that every man should have in his closet. It fits in well with the corporate casual look and can serve as an alternative to a blazer on those days that require a more relaxed approach.

A cardigan is a versatile style classic that’s been worn by many stylish icons throughout history, from Bill Crosby to Roald Dahl and Kurt Cobain. Despite this, it can get a bad rep for being old fashioned and outdated.

1. Versatility

In the genteel world of fashion (or, at least, those who live in it), cardigans have long been considered a staple wardrobe item. They can be worn with just about any top, from a polo shirt to a T-shirt and are an excellent choice for colder weather, particularly when paired with a thick pair of men’s trousers or chinos.

However, there is one thing that many people don’t realise about this garment – its versatility. Often made of cotton or wool, a good quality cardigan can be worn throughout the year and should suit most occasions. Browns, greys and beiges are usually best for the fall/winter season while light blues, whites and greens are geared more towards spring/summer.

As a result, the men’s cardigan sweater is the Mister Rogers of clothing, allowing for a smart casual look that dresses down even the most smartly tailored suit. Wear it with a tee and jeans, or with ripped denim and workwear boots for a rock ’n’ roll style that looks just as at home in Fashion Land as it does in a gritty world of hustle and pragmatism.

2. Comfort

The looser structure of mens cardigans allows for more comfortable wear. They’re also a staple of casual outfits, especially in cooler temperatures. You can throw one over a tee and jeans or chinos and sneakers for a casual look that’s perfect for lazy Sundays or an afternoon outdoors. And with a little tweaking, they can even be worn to work. Just add a blazer and you’re ready to take on the day.

A flannel or tweed men’s cardigan over a polo or button down can create a polished look Men’s Cardigan for work and other events. Just remember to leave the bottom button unbutton for a more relaxed appearance.

While some guys may shy away from cardigan sweaters due to their resemblance to grandpas smoking their pipes or college professors, these pieces of clothing actually convey a certain level of maturity and a sense of stability. And who doesn’t want to have a bit of that in their style? Especially as we enter the cooler seasons, these sweaters are an essential addition to every man’s wardrobe.

3. Style

When you think of cardigan sweaters, perhaps you think of your grandfather or Mr. Rogers, or maybe you picture Kurt Cobain and The Dude from the Big Lebowski. But this classic knitwear staple has had a revival in the past decade, with menswear enthusiasts pairing it with raw denim and classic polos for a casual yet refined look.

As the name implies, a cardigan is meant to be a lightweight layer that dresses down a suit jacket or tailored trousers. For this reason, it looks its best in a slightly looser fit that’s adaptable to the shape of your body.

To get the most out of this wardrobe staple, opt for a neutral shade that won’t overwhelm the rest of your outfit. For a fall or winter look, wear your cardigan over a flannel work shirt and a pair of worn-in jeans. Finish the look with a pair of brown shearling boots and you’re ready for a day out on your bike or a lunch date at a local eatery. This simple outfit is the perfect example of how you can use a cardigan to dress down tailoring with ease.

4. Versatility

Cardigans are a sartorial staple that’s been around for decades. They’re an easy way to dress up a casual outfit without going too over the top. You can wear a plain cotton knit cardigan with just about any shirt, and it will still look good. It’s the perfect sweater for casual events and workplaces that require smart-casual attire. This men’s cardigan from Bonobos is made with fine gauge cotton and comes in a quartet of pleasing neutral tones, which you can have monogrammed for an additional $8.

For more formal occasions, you can opt for a men’s wool or cashmere cardigan with a notch lapel. It’s important that your cardigan fits well. If you’re unsure of the fit, try it on and see if the buttons are straining across your chest or mid-section.

You can also choose a cardigan with a horn, mother of pearl or wooden toggle front to add a little flair. While zipped cardigans are available, these don’t have the same classic appeal as a fully buttoned sweater.

5. Style

Men’s cardigans are often a bit grandad, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But with the right styling moves you can avoid giving off those swag-lord vibes, and instead ooze that refined gentlemanliness that makes them so stylish (and, surprisingly, less intimidating than suspenders that flop around your knees like a pair of ’60s crooners).

For a simple look, leave the bottom buttons unbuttoned for a relaxed look that combines comfort with a neat, well-groomed aesthetic. Stick with neutral or atheleisurely toned knitwear and team with a suitably plain pair of Men’s Cardigan Manufacturer trousers. This merino version from Beams Plus is just that, combining a classic shade with a clean-lined fit.

The final step in creating a handsome cardigan ensemble is to choose a fit that flatters your figure. A good cardigan should be narrowest under the rib cage, widening back out over your hips to create a flattering hourglass shape. A good fit will also feel comfortable on your shoulders, without feeling too slouchy or bulky under your shirt. The closure of your cardigan is another crucial factor in this, with buttons, toggles or zippers all fine options.

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