Men’s Cardigan – The Mister Rogers of Men’s Clothing

Men’s Cardigan – The Mister Rogers of Men’s Clothing

Cardigan sweaters have a reputation as old fashioned and outdated. Think of the cardigan as the Mister Rogers of men’s clothing – it conveys stability and maturity rather than youth-led faddishness.

But it is possible to elevate this understated knit to a sartorial staple, matching it with tailored tailoring for the Italian style known as sprezzatura. Choose neutral tones for coherence and subtle sophistication.


While cardigans may seem a little old-school for some, the enduring appeal of this knitwear staple is easy to understand. They exude a sense of stability and maturity that is incredibly appealing. They also embody a certain type of cool, a relaxed and friendly authority that is not swayed by faddish trends.

This is especially true when they are paired with tailored pants and a crisp shirt. The key to styling a men’s cardigan is in the fit and fabric. Looser cardigans are great for creating a more casual look, while fitted designs that lightly hug the body are more suitable for smarter occasions. Look to merino wool or cashmere for the most flattering fit, while heavier cotton varieties will provide the most durability.

While the cardigan has long been associated with old swingers and conservative businessmen, this style staple has a more recent history of slacker appeal – thanks to Kurt Cobain and The Dude in The Big Lebowski. As a result, this garment has reclaimed its rightful place as an iconic symbol of the cool. It is now a key piece of any man’s wardrobe, and you can wear it in a wide variety of settings.


When it comes to fabrics, cardigans can range from acrylic on the cheaper, more accessible end to wool and wool blends to more refined, upscale cashmere. The thickness of the fabric also makes a difference; for business casual, stick with something fine and lightweight, but for a more relaxed look, thicker textures are welcome.

A textured merino knit like this one from Barefoot Dreams captures the look of a classic shawl collar cardigan, with a relaxed fit and visible texture that adds dimension. The retro fold-over shawl collar is also a nod to Men’s Cardigan nautical fashion, a style likely to see greater visibility for 2022. A fine ribbed style in rich blue from H&M delivers the same effect with a more modern feel, and a jersey lining that feels more like a sweatshirt.

When it comes to color, cardigans can be a bit tricky. It’s important to choose a color that complements your wardrobe, but it’s equally as important to consider the season in which you plan on wearing your cardigan. For example, browns and greys are generally seen as fall/winter colors, while reds, light blues and whites are geared more towards spring/summer.


For too long cardigans have had a preppy reputation, but they’ve been getting fresh treatment from fashion houses and streetwear brands alike. A modern-day men’s cardigan should be neither too bulky nor loud, instead opting for a neutral tone or simple, textured fabrics. Look for a button-up sweater that’s not too big to hide a tie or bow tie, and look out for subtle design details, like stripes or trim, which hint at the knitwear’s heritage.

While a cardigan can be worn all year round, certain colors are more appropriate for different seasons. Browns, greys and beiges work well in fall and winter, while light blue, red and green are more suited for summer. If you’re looking for a dashing autumn/winter look, style your knitwear with a white dress shirt and a contrasting tie, then finish the ensemble with a leather belt and loafers or dress shoes.

A black slim-fit mens cardigan with a button-up shirt, tie and suit pants is an elegant outfit that can be dressed down for casual wear with a tee and dark utility joggers. Avoid oversized styles and choose a cardigan with modest buttons rather than decorative ones as these are typically more feminine features. Instead, choose wooden toggles or horn buttons that are more masculine and easier to replace if they wear out over time. Zipper-inspired mens cardigans are also an option but they’re usually not as classic as a buttoned knitwear staple.


The best mens cardigan should fit comfortably and be loose enough to adapt to the body. They should be narrow at the shoulders and Men’s Cardigan Manufacturer taper down through the chest before widening again around the abdomen. If a cardigan is too tight it will look saggy and unattractive, while one that is too big will look ill-fitting.

The size of a cardigan can also depend on its construction. Some handknit wool cardigans will be thicker and heavier than others. These are generally more expensive but can be worth the investment. However, the vast majority of mens cardigans are machinemade and can be found at a reasonable price.

Cardigans can be worn with a shirt and tie or under a blazer jacket for a more formal look, or simply over a t-shirt or other casual clothing. They are easy to carry and forgiving of wrinkles. They are also ideal for on-the-go wear, such as when you need to cover up at a concert or during a long car ride.

When wearing a cardigan, it is important to remember that it should be fully buttoned when wearing it with a collared shirt. It may be appropriate to leave the bottom button undone if you will be sitting while wearing the cardigan, as this will allow it to adapt to the body better than a completely straight hemline would.

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