Add Warmth and Comfort to Your Winter Wardrobe With a Woman Sweater Coat

woman sweater coat

Add Warmth and Comfort to Your Winter Wardrobe With a Woman Sweater Coat

Add warmth and comfort to your wardrobe with women’s sweater coats and pullovers. Shop comfortable fabrics including cotton, washable acrylic, wool blends and recycled cashmere.

Half-coat, half-sweater, a woman sweater coat is an easy layering piece for AC-cold days at the office and chilly nights at home. Try a cozy knit hoodie for a relaxed look or a longer cardigan for workwear versatility.


If you’re not ready to let go of shorts and t-shirts for winter, but you don’t quite want to reach for your bulky coat yet either, there’s an easy solution. Pair a women’s sweater coat with a pair of over the knee boots and a skinny jeans miniskirt to create an outfit that keeps you warm without making you look like you’re wearing a winter parka or windbreaker.

Most sweater coats are made from wool, a natural fabric made from fibers harvested from sheep, rabbit’s angora, alpaca, and other animals. This soft, warm material is the perfect combination of style and function – plus it’s great for keeping you comfortable all season long! For a more flattering look, choose a woman sweater coat woman’s sweater coat with bracelet-length sleeves and a to-the-knee hem. This will avoid a droopy, bathrobe-like effect and will lengthen your figure. For added warmth, layer a women’s turtleneck sweater underneath your cardigan.


A sweater coat can signal your style at a glance and keep you dependably warm without being too bulky. Petite women especially have to balance their figure with oversized styles that tend to look a bit “bathrobe-y.” Choosing a shorter length minimizes this effect. Bracelet-length sleeves avoid that droopy look, while a to-the-knee hem length can also avoid that tire-around-the-hips appearance. Oversized knitwear looks especially flattering when worn with slim pants and skirts, like Greetje @no_fear_of_fashion above (read her style interview here). Recreate her outfit with a similar sweater, skirt and sneakers. The sweater is made of a fine blend of merino wool, cashmere and yak wool.

Loose Fit

Women’s sweater coats have long been a fashion standby. Depending on the fabric, they may be worn as an extra layer in cold weather or to replace a blazer for office wear. In warmer weather, they serve as light outerwear and can be worn with traditional office clothing or jeans for a casual party. Whether short or long, these garments typically end at the bottom of the derriere or mid-thigh to add a figure-flattering look. They may be adorned with a hood for extra warmth or a decorative shawl-type collar. Some are designed with a flyaway front for added romantic appeal.

This season’s crop of women’s sweater coats includes many options in a range of colors and quality fabrics. Some are reversible to double the wear and provide two looks in one. Others are crafted with a unique blend of recycled fleece that’s easy to care for and dyed using a low impact process that reduces the use of energy, water and dyestuffs. Some are fashioned with delicate knits that won’t overwhelm you, while others have to-the-knee hemlines and bracelet-length sleeves for a figure-flattering fit. Some have no closure at all, allowing the garment to hang straight down from your shoulders for a flattering silhouette.

Figure-Flattering Length

If you’re not ready to give up your bare legs, a woman sweater coat allows you to wear your favorite fall and winter clothes without freezing your ass off. You can pair Woman Sweater Coat Manufacturer it with a short sleeved sweater and skirt to keep your legs warm or add a layer of warmth over a dress.

A woman sweater coat is ideal for wearing to parties, bars or other cold places where you’ll be socializing, and it can even replace a blazer in the workplace, especially if you work in an office with a chilly climate. Pair your sweater coat with a pencil skirt or slim-fit jeans and pumps to create a professional look that’s also stylish and cozy.

For a figure-flattering look, a knit coatigan with a shawl collar and draped hemline is ideal. The shawl collar keeps your neck warm and the draping at the hemline adds volume to the lower body, making you appear taller. The loose shape of the coatigan lets you move around easily, and it’s perfect for women with short legs or anyone who wants to wear a longer coat that won’t look like a bathrobe. The fabric is soft and textured, and the to-the-knee hemline helps elongate the body. Adding a belt below the waist emphasizes the hips and balances wide thighs.

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