Invest in a Travel Four-Piece Set

Travel FourPiece Set

Invest in a Travel Four-Piece Set

Investing in a luggage set is the smart way to go for those who travel frequently. It is much more affordable than buying a few pieces individually.

At a glance, the Rockland Journey 4-piece set looks like a great bargain. However, this set has several flaws that can affect its durability.


Travelers have many options when it comes to choosing luggage. While hardside suitcases have received most of the attention, soft-sided bags made from polyester have been a traveler favorite for years. These pieces don’t get as scuffed, are less likely to be kicked out of overhead Travel Four-Piece Set compartments, and can fit inside each other like nesting dolls for convenient storage when not in use.

The Rockland Journey four-piece set is a great option for travelers who want a durable set of luggage for short and long trips. The set includes a check-in size suitcase and carry-on sized suitcase as well as a reusable laundry bag and toiletry bag. Each piece has a telescoping handle and spinner wheels, making it easy to maneuver.

This set also features a combination lock that is easy to use and secures your belongings while on the go, sturdy aluminum telescoping handles, and smooth 362-directional spinner wheels. It also has a convenient side handle that makes it easy to lift the bags, even when fully packed. The only drawback to this set is that the warranty isn’t as good as some other sets. This may be an issue if you travel often and want luggage that will hold up over time. But for most people, this is not a huge concern. Luckily, there are other affordable luggage sets available from other manufacturers that offer better warranties.


If you’re looking for a luggage set with plenty of space and a sleek look, this is the set for you. It includes a large 26-inch suitcase, a 20-inch carry-on bag, and a softside boarding tote. It also features an expandable interior for extra packing capacity. The zippered privacy compartment and compression straps make it easy to organize your belongings.

The Journey softside 4-piece travel set from Rockland is a great option for anyone on a budget. It features spacious bags that can fit the contents of a small family, and it comes in multiple bright colors at an incredibly low price.

However, if durability is a major concern for you, this set may not be the right choice. While the polyester fabric is not weak, it isn’t as durable as other materials such as nylon or canvas. It may dent easily if it’s handled roughly.

Another issue with this set is that it doesn’t come with a warranty. This can be a big deal if you’re planning on using your luggage for frequent or long trips. You’ll have to pay out of pocket if you need to repair or replace your luggage in the future. If you want more value from your purchase, consider a set that offers a warranty. This will ensure that your luggage is protected in the event of damage or theft.


As far as luggage goes, this set is fairly cheap considering that it’s not from one of the larger brands. Most big name brands will demand a premium on their Travel Four-Piece Set Manufacturer product line but this set uses the same materials and offers the same features for less money.

Alternatively, the Rockland Journey 4-piece set is another great choice for those looking for softside luggage at an incredible price. It’s lightweight and comes in a wide array of beautiful unique colors.

If you’re not a fan of packing cubes, consider this best-selling set from Bagail that also includes a shoe bag, laundry bag, toiletry case, and convenient pouch. It’s flight attendant-approved and known to help you save double the space in your suitcase. This is an excellent value for frequent fliers.

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