Dresses For Every Occasion


Dresses For Every Occasion

From sheath to midi to maxi, there are plenty of dresses out there for any occasion. You can dress up a floaty floral dress with a pair of heels for date night or wear a cozy shearling dress with a denim jacket for the weekend.

While protection and warmth may have been the earliest functions of dress, fashion and identity have a much wider range of purposes.

Work Dresses

While every office’s dress code differs, a professional work frock that fits well and hits just above the knee is a year-round wardrobe staple. This mock neck sheath silhouette from Express is crafted in an earth-toned, geometric print fabric that’s sophisticated and chic. Style with pumps and a waist belt for a tailored look. Tights are also an easy option when you’re shopping for work dresses in colder months, and a blazer or cardigan is a stylish addition on days when your office feels too chilly.

The single most important thing to remember when shopping for work dresses is fit. The dress must hug your curves in all the right places to make you look polished and ready for anything. “It’s a good idea to order multiple styles, perhaps even sizes, and test them on your body type,” LaFleur says. “This way, you can be sure to find a dress that’s both polished and comfortable.”

Business professional dresses tend to skew more conservative in terms of fabric and hemlines than casual work attire, but what qualifies as ‘business’ or ‘casual’ is very subjective. When shopping for this style, try to avoid anything too short or low cut and stay away from any flashy patterns that could be construed as inappropriate in an office setting. Instead, opt for solid colors or subtle pretty prints and stay away from anything with words or brand names printed on it.

Party Dresses

As the name suggests, party dresses are outfits worn to celebrate special occasions. They are a versatile choice that ranges from casual to semi-formal and can be short to long in length. The best way to pick out a dress for a party is to learn more about the event and what type of style it calls for. For example, an anniversary party held in an elegant restaurant might call for a satin midi cocktail dress, while a bodycon sequin mini might be perfect for a bachelorette party.

When choosing a party dress, consider the fabric and embellishments that make it stand out from other options. For example, a sequined bodycon mini can be paired with bold shoes to elevate the look and give Dresses you an extra boost of confidence. Another option is a draped sequin lace overlay dress that looks fashionable and festive at the same time. If the party ambiance calls for a more casual look, a poplin dress with an easy-going silhouette is a classic choice.

A common mistake people make when choosing a party dress is to focus too much on comfort. However, style experts like Lindsey Love, senior brand stylist at BHLDN, say that a stylish party dress doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to be great. “Comfort is more about the overall vibe than the physical feel of the frock,” she says, explaining that you can achieve a comfortable fit without feeling overdressed.

Casual Dresses

Many work environments allow employees to dress casually. While it is not as formal as business casual attire, it still requires proper grooming and a suitable level of elegance. Swann says that dressy casual is “fairly laid-back.” She suggests light colors, loose fabrics and modest prints are good choices. You should also avoid flip-flops, shorts and baggy clothing.

A dress is a great option for this category, especially if it has three-quarter sleeves or a cinchable waist. This way, the dress looks dressy and feminine without being too formal. Sheath and shift dresses are also appropriate. You can even try a wrap dress for a chic look.

You can wear a sweater and blazer over your dress for extra warmth, but you should avoid ties. A light jacket may also be suitable, as long as it is not too tight or too large and is in a neutral color. Close-toed shoes like pumps, flats and strappy sandals are appropriate. You can also opt for loafers or oxfords, which have a more polished look.

You can even wear sneakers in some cases, but be sure they are clean and don’t have any visible signs of wear. This type of outfit can be worn throughout the year, depending on the season. For example, you can wear boots and jeans with a sweater in fall or winter, and summer brings out the sundresses and flip flops.

Wedding Dresses

A bride’s wedding dress has long represented a transition from singleness to partnership, and a symbol of wealth and social Dresses status. It’s a momentous occasion in many ways, and the dress that a bride wears reflects her own style. The bridal gown can range from romantic and traditional to red-carpet glamorous.

The neckline of a dress can showcase a plunging V-neck or a revealing scoop neckline, and sleeves can be short or long. The bodice can be sculptural to create an hourglass shape or fitted and structured like a corset. It can be adorned with embellishments, such as side cutouts or sheer lace, and a high neckline can get a sexy upgrade with bustier-style underwire cups.

Wedding dresses can be floor-length, thigh-high or knee-length, with short trains that graze the ground considered less formal than longer trains. Some bridal gowns feature detachable trains, which can be fastened with hooks or buttons and removed at the reception to shorten the length of a gown and eliminate the need for a bustle.

It’s best to begin shopping for a wedding dress six to nine months before the wedding, as it takes about four months for a manufacturer to make a dress and another two to complete any needed alterations. When shopping for a wedding dress, figure out your budget ahead of time. Make your first appointment with the least-expensive bridal shop and scale up if you don’t find something right away. Also consider using personal days from work to visit bridal boutiques during the week instead of weekends, when they may be more crowded and it can take longer to try on gowns.

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