Inflatable Dry Slides

Inflatable Dry Slides

Inflatable Dry Slides

Inflatable Dry Slides can be purchased for any budget. They are great for parties or summer camps. You can search online for different types and prices of dry slides to suit your needs. Check for availability and then book. Prices are listed before sales tax and delivery charges. You’ll be amazed at the price savings!

Wet/Dry Slides

Inflatable slides are massive structures made of vinyl, PVC or nylon and are inflated using an electric or petrol blower. The materials are sewn together by skilled manufacturers with multi-filament nylon thread to ensure long life. These slides come in different shapes and colors and are suitable for use by children and adults.

There are two types of slides available: wet slides and dry slides. Both types feature a body and sliding lanes, which are straight or curved. They are also equipped with a climbing ramp to allow users to climb to the top. The climbing ramp is typically located along the lanes, while some wet slides have it at the back.

Wet slides are typically used during summer months and are connected to swimming pools. Dry slides are generally used in the winter months, as they don’t require water to operate. In addition, wet slides can be turned into dry slides by simply removing the splash pool, which contributes to their versatility. However, they should always be drained properly, as they can develop mold if they are not drained.

A wet/dry inflatable slide is a fun addition to any special event or party. Rental companies can provide slides for an Inflatable Dry Slides event. There are several different types of inflatable wet/dry slides. i2k, for example, has many slides with fun themes that will keep guests entertained for hours.

EZ Sports Wet/Dry Combos are a great choice for summertime parties. These inflatables are made from lead-free material and are fire-resistant. EZ Tropical Wet/Dry Combos are also made of non-slip material. They are a great choice for rental companies.

Another great option is a 16′ Backyard Wet/Dry Slide. This inflatable water slide is great for birthday parties or outdoor events and is designed to be used in the backyard. It can be connected to a 10′ pool module and a 15′ landing mattress. It comes with a water hose, stakes and a repair kit.

Inflatable water slides are great for summer backyard parties, big school events, and holiday parties. They are fun for the whole family and can generate a great return on investment. Make sure you buy your slide from a reliable company. Magic Jump, for instance, is the leading manufacturer of commercial inflatable water slides.

Double-lane slides

Double-lane inflatable dry slides are a great way to add excitement Inflatable Dry Slides to any event. Unlike traditional water slides, these are great for adults as well as kids. Double-lane slides are designed to allow two people to slide down at the same time, resulting in a whirlwind of fun. It’s also great for team building activities.

Double-lane slides are designed to be as wide as possible, but they still require a large space for installation. They are about 16 feet wide by 26 feet long and 18 feet tall. The manufacturer of these slides, 3 Monkeys Inflatables, provides mats for entry and exit, as well as a wall at the end. The company is licensed to sell dry slides in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

There are many locations in the United States where these slides are available for rent. In Central Pennsylvania, there are locations in Lancaster, Harrisburg, Ephrata, Lititz, Reading, and Baltimore. In Maryland, these slides can be rented in Dundunk and Owings Mills.

A double-lane inflatable dry slide is a great choice for a fall or winter party. These slides are fun for the entire family and can attract new sliders. You can even use balls in pits or landing pads to make the slide safer and more fun for your guests. Just be sure to supervise children when using a slide!

The best part about these slides is that they have a huge variety of sizes. You can rent a slide that is twelve feet long or 25 feet long. These slides are great fun and will help burn off some extra energy. The fun is sure to last for hours! They are the perfect way to keep kids active and healthy.

17ft Wacky Dual Lane Slide

The 17ft Wacky Dual Lane Inflatable Dry Slide is a highly entertaining attraction that will make your next party a hit. The dual lanes provide double the fun for your guests, and it’s ideal for large crowds and competitive spirits. The slide features high inflatable sidewalls, “no-jump” safety meshes at the top, and a steep incline for fast rides.

This slide is a perfect choice for outdoor rental. The slide’s wide lane is ideal for young children and is accessible to all ages. The dual lane design is also great for adult enjoyment, and you can attach the dry slide to a pool section for a fun summer water slide.

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