Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

The main components of the laser cutting machine include a laser and a refractive mirror. The mirror directs the laser light to the desired direction, such as down to cut objects. In most cases, the reflector is protected by a protective cover or a positive pressure protective gas. The table, which is the primary component of the laser cutting machine, includes a bed frame and a driving part, which realizes the mechanical movement of the machine’s X, Y, and Z axes. The CNC controller controls the movement and power of the machine during cutting.


HGTECH is a leading manufacturer of industrial laser systems. Its products can be used in a variety of industries, and provide better production efficiency, reduced costs, and increased revenue. The company manufactures laser cutting machines for a variety of applications, including metal fabrication, electronics manufacturing, plastics fabrication, and many others. Read on to learn more about HGTECH’s products and services. Interested in purchasing a cutting machine?

ACCURL CNC Machine Manufactory Co., Ltd.

ACCURL CNC Machine (Anhui) Manufactory Co., Ltd. is located in Anhui, China. The company covers a total area of 70 acres. Its production facilities include modern CNC machining centers, large-scale floor boring machines, and various precision testing instruments. The company also produces complete sets of sheet metal processing equipment. Founded in 2014, ACCURL CNC Machine (Anhui) Manufactory Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of new products and technology.

Dongguan Mactron Tech

Established in 2008, Dongguan Mactron Technology Co., Ltd. is a cutting machine manufacturer specializing in industrial laser equipment systems and customized automation devices. Its products are used in many industries, including textiles, leather, printing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, furniture, hardware tools, molds, and more. Mactron is a trusted business partner, offering custom and tailor-made laser machines.

Prima CNC Machinery

If you are looking for a machine that can cut steel and stainless steel, then a laser cutting machine from Prima CNC Machinery may be just what you are looking for. The Mazak laser cutting machine can handle 3D workpieces and special profiles and has the capability to chamfer or tap after cutting. It was founded in 1963 and has since become a leading supplier of sheet metal flexible processing technology. It is also compatible with a variety of materials, including stainless steel and carbon steel.

Shandong Baokun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shandong Baokun Machinery Equipment Co, Ltd. is a professional China CNC machine manufacturer. The company’s core technology is based on independent intellectual property rights. This company specializes in manufacturing various CNC machines, including routers, cutting machines, and engraving machines. The company claims to have accumulated exports between US$10 million and US$50 million, depending on the type of machine.

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