Coconut Laser Cutting Machine

coconut laser cutting machine is designed for generating LOGO characters, letters, and other designs on various products. Its three main functions are cutting, perforating, and engraving. It cuts a variety of shapes, including hearts and other LOGO characters. This is safe and does not affect the food contained in the coconut shell. The software allows for automatic depth adjustments and no matter what design you want, you can easily create it with this machine.

The HM-Y6 series features a unique laser that cuts coconut without touching the material. This cutting machine greatly reduces waste, which increases productivity. The power consumption can be adjusted according to your requirements. The higher the power consumption, the harder the coconut. A good way to save on power bills is to regulate the power consumption. The laser-cutting machine can cut coconuts of all shapes, including hard ones. For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website.

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