Oil Painting And The Basics Of How To Start

Oil painting techniques are a hot topic among artists and collectors. Some techniques are favored over others because they produce more interesting effects, while others are simply more practical to use on a regular basis. Choosing the right technique for your purposes can make all the difference between a beautiful painting and one that isn’t quite up to snuff.

  • Time-Consuming: This is probably the most obvious concern about oil painting techniques. Some methods are very time-consuming, in which case you may have to choose between quality and speed of production.
  • Materials: Some materials are better than others for certain methods, making it important to pick a method based on the materials you have on hand.
  • Workability: How easily can you correct mistakes or change your mind about the painting?
  • Tools: Different tools will be required for different methods, so it’s good to know in advance what equipment you’ll need.
  • Skill Level: Some methods take great skill to pull off well, while some are relatively easy.
  • Building up Layers: Some methods build up many thin layers before the painting is complete, while others require only one or two layers. The number of layers affects how thickly or thinly you will have to paint.


Oil painting is a technique of using pigments and binders on a surface. It’s used to take a picture, decorate and design surfaces. Using oil paints is an art that has been used for centuries. The oldest paintings which have been found are the cave paintings done by the prehistoric humans in caves around the world.

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