Gel Nails Are Perfect Until You Forget Your Base Coat

Gel nails. They’re the best. You look good, they last for life (well, as long as you don’t break them), and also you’ve obtained that extra little bit of confidence recognizing you will not chip or mess them up for a few weeks. But if something goes wrong … oh, children do things go wrong. Yes, they do. Particularly when you neglect to use your base coat.

Skim coat:

Many people are lured to avoid applying the skim coat when they do a DIY gel manicure but it offers an important objective. This is because many gel polishes have chemicals that can cause damage to your nails. The skim coat serves as an obstacle between these chemicals as well as your natural nail assisting to safeguard it.

A top-quality base coat will certainly additionally allow for less complicated removal of gel gloss because it “holds” onto the all-natural nail much better than the gel gloss does. Without the skim coat, you need to file away more layers of your nail when you eliminate the shade.

A few of the main advantages of a skim coat are:

  • Durable Nails
  • Secures Nails from Staining
  • Levels Surface Area of Nail

Applying a skim coat not just assists your nails but additionally stops your nails from obtaining stains from the pigments within the polish.

A skim coat is likewise a fantastic way to assist your nail color in last longer. Several base coats consist of ingredients to help your manicure last much longer or provide an added defense to the natural nail.

Using a base coat will certainly not impact the all-natural nail below as long as you are not using a thick layer of the item on the nail bed. A thin layer of the item can be conveniently soaked up within the all-natural nail plate leaving it healthy and balanced and solid afterward.


The bottom line is that without a skim coat you will locate it hard to achieve an ideal gel manicure look. Your gel manicure may not even last for a week without a skim coat. As a result, it is important to apply a gel nail polish base coat.

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