The Importance of Solar Controllers

The solar controller is an important part of your solar power generation system. A solar controller protects against overcharging and regulates the energy output.

We explain where a solar controller is used and which functions the controller fulfills.

Where is The Solar Controller Used?

A solar system for the boat, the mobile home, or the caravan consists of three components. A battery for storing solar energy, as well as a solar module and the solar controller. The module captures the solar energy and converts it into energy. The controller is the link between the battery and the solar module.

The battery must be optimally charged, but must not be overcharged. If the sun shines on the solar module, the converted energy is saved directly. During the night, the solar regulator prevents the battery from discharging back.

The Solar Controller As Part of The Solar System:

When traveling, it is not always possible to find a power supply. If you are traveling by boat, you need energy for various systems. You can take charged batteries with you, but their energy is quickly depleted.

Solar power is your alternative: You are almost independent of batteries because there is usually enough solar energy available during the day.

Our Tip: Energy On The Go:

Solar systems are also recommended for mobile homes, for example, if you want to camp outside of large campsites. Many systems offer inexpensive alternatives outside of the premises, but there is not always a power connection available.

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