Use of Water Filter Cartridge For a Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Fully automatic coffee machines have a big advantage over other preparation methods. On a single push of a button, a fully automatic coffee machine serves every desired coffee drink and hardly demands anything from us. Only … that’s not entirely true either. 

Unfortunately, it is due to this convenience that we easily forget that a fully automatic coffee machine also makes demands on us. Namely the cleaning.

You must be thinking! cleaning of what? After all, the fully automatic coffee machine has a self-regulating cleaning program. That’s right. Nevertheless, regular manual maintenance is it. And the cleaning effort is often underestimated.

The right time to use a  water filter in the fully automatic coffee machine:

Water filters are necessary for the regions where tap water is commonly harder. And not least for reasons of maintenance and the manufacturer’s guarantee. Most fully automatic coffee machines now include a water filter cartridge as standard in the scope of delivery. Whether this is used afterward or not is of course up to you in the end.

When a water filter is not absolutely in the coffee machine

Conversely, it is of course the case that a water filter becomes obsolete where the water is already soft. Even if you have already installed plasticizer systems in the pipes at home, you can sell the water filter in the fully automatic machine. 

Hope you have a good idea of why using a water filter in automatic coffee machines is a good choice.

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