Effective Ways to Protect Yourself From Air Pollution

Protecting yourself from air pollution is really important because of the damage that it can do to your health. The more you can avoid being out in the pollutent air, the better off you are going to be. 

The first place to start is your home. If you have a wood burning stove, you might want to think about getting rid of it and switching to an electric one. This will keep out a lot of the harmful particles that come from burning wood.

The other big thing that you can do is to try to avoid driving as much as possible. The exhaust fumes from automobiles put a lot of harmful particles into your lungs, which can really hurt your health and lead to you developing lung problems and breathing problems like asthma. 

If you have to drive, try not to use your car too often and stick to public transportation when you can.

If you are a smoker, now is the time to quit! Smoking puts out a whole host of harmful particles into the air, so even if it doesn’t harm your own health, it could harm other people’s health who might be around you. 

Lastly, invest in buying a air purifier to purify the air around your self. Air purifiers are proven to effectively eliminate pollutant particles in the air. Therefore, buy one as soon as you seem feasible. 

Keep yourself protected from these harmful particles by doing everything that you can.

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