Which K Cup Filling Machine is Right For Your Coffee Shop?

Which K Cup Filling Machine is Right For Your Coffee Shop?

k cup filling machine

There are several different options for filling a K Cup machine. They include the SR6, YX-N1500A, and the SDX. Each of these machines has its own advantages and disadvantages. These are things that you should keep in mind before you buy one.


Afpak is a leading company that produces various K cup filling and sealing machines. It has provided various machines to 150 coffee factories in North America, South America, and Central America. The products of AFPAK have gained a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.

AFPAK has a team of talented engineers and designers. They design and manufacture reliable and easy to operate K cup packaging machines. These machines come with a wide range of features. One of them is the servo-driven auger. This is used to dose java into capsules.

Another great feature is the intelligent induction system. It can be adjusted according to the habits of the customer. Also, this system can make the whole production process faster. Moreover, the liquid feeding system can meet the requirements of different flavors of coffee.

In addition, AFPAK also provides an operation and maintenance service for their customers. This allows them to use their equipment safely and without any problems. There are various types of AFPAK machines that can be customized according to the needs of individual customers.

Despite the fact that the machinery industry is relatively boring, AFPAK makes sure that they can deliver high quality products and services. Moreover, the company stays updated on the latest trends in the industry.

AFPAK’s RN1S K cup filling and sealing machine is one of the best-selling products on the market. It is designed by combining a number of years of experience and latest technology. Besides, it is compact, hygienic, and accurate.

Another great machine by AFPAK is the B10 K cup k cup filling machine packing machine. This machine is manufactured by using the top-quality electrical parts. Moreover, it is designed to run fully automatically.


The SDX k cup filling machine is not for the faint of heart. It is, however, an impressive feat of engineering. It is worthy of a starring role in any budding coffee shop’s equipment list. With a capacity of up to a hundred cups per minute, it is sure to make a few stragglers happy and perhaps even a few stars. The company has been in the business since the late 1980s and has a few notable alumnae in its stable. Not to mention a couple of savvy execs who are slinging the goods. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone or an integrated solution, there’s no reason to miss the k. Fortunately, there’s a small army of k-cup aficionados to help you along the way. Those of you with an eye for design and quality should take note of the award winners. There are several models to choose from, each with their own pros and cons.


A SR6 k cup filling machine is a high quality, compact, and reliable k-cup packaging machine. It is manufactured with premium materials and has a six-line linear design system. The servo motor used in this machine provides high accuracy and has a high filling speed.

This k-cup filling and sealing machine produces K-CUPs filled with soluble powders, dairy products, and granular products. It has an anti-static device and micro perforated lids. You can choose a servo controller for this machine, and a vacuum cleaner to keep the machine clean.

This machine can produce 160-200 k-cups per minute. For this machine, you need single phase 220V power. Besides, you will need a nitrogen generator.

It also features a 15 inches touch screen panel. The panel displays the current working status and the available options. Besides, it has a built-in alarm system, which will alert the operator if the machine stops operating.

In addition, you can adjust the number of capsules to be produced. There are two modes of operation: auto and manual.

Another advantage of this machine is that it has an in-line weighing system. The weighing system will help to weigh the different types of products.

This machine also offers a multi-language service. Among the various languages offered are Russian, English, Spanish, and Arabic. If you need assistance in learning about the machine, you can call the EXPAK customer service line.

Besides, this machine is easy to use and maintain. You don’t need a team of professionals to operate the machine. Unlike European machines, this machine has a straightforward structure.

Whether you are starting a small business or are already established, you need to provide packaging materials for your products. Hence, you can purchase this machine.


The YX-N1500A is a rotary type of filling – sealing machine. It features a slew k cup filling machine of gizmos, from a touch screen to a telescoping hose to a high speed, pneumatic control system. It can process 4 cups per processing cycle, or about 11,000 cups a day. If you’re in the business of making coffee or other beverages in capsule form, this is the machine for you.

For the record, the model YX-N1500A isn’t the only coffee pod filling machine on the market. In fact, the H1 series from SanEU, a Taiwan based company, is the gold standard in the industry. SANEU is a proven player with a wide range of machines to suit any budget. Aside from the H1 series, the company also manufactures a line of coffee, tea and milk capsule filling machines.

In addition to their exemplary machines, the company also boasts an onsite maintenance program for their current client base. One thing for certain is that the company’s service and support staff are second to none. They are available by phone or email, seven days a week, and are happy to answer questions or troubleshoot problems.

The Model YX-N1500A is an excellent choice for any coffee shop looking to streamline their operations. This unit offers several features, from automated cup dropping to a multi-function CIP cleaning unit. Combined with its Taiwanese pneumatic control components, the machine is a smooth operator and can be relied upon to produce the best possible coffee. With a production capacity of 8400 to 11,500 cups a day, you’ll never have to worry about running out of coffee again. Also, the YX-N1500A is small enough to fit into a standard sized warehouse.

Romiter Group

Romiter Group is a leading manufacturer of coffee capsule packaging machinery. The company offers various machines such as K cups filling machine, tea capsules packing machine, instant coffee stick packing machine and round tea pods packing machine.

The AF-H1 K cup filling machine is a high speed machine that can automatically detect the position of a K-cup and then fill it. It has a hopper capacity of 20 liters and a filling speed of 25-30 cups per minute.

This filling machine is used to fill K-cups with cream or powder products. It is a linear type model with six filling heads.

This machine is equipped with an adjustable filling volume, double sealing, and lid dispensing. These features make it more convenient for users.

Compared to other machines, this machine is easy to use and maintain. It also has a simple structure. In addition, it can be used in environments with no electricity.

If you are planning to purchase a k cup filling machine, you need to know its warranty length. Most manufacturers will offer a one-year insurance for the machines. However, you may need to pay extra if you wish to extend the insurance for a longer period.

As the top manufacturer of coffee capsule filling and packaging machinery, Romiter Group is a reliable and professional company. They can provide you with customized products to meet your specific needs. Besides, they also have a competitive price. You can contact them to get more information.

One of the major benefits of the iFill800 Automatic Filling Machine is that it is silent. It is also simple to use, which makes it the perfect choice for those who need to fill K-cups at the office or home.

How to Choose the Best K Cup Filling Machine

How to Choose the Best K Cup Filling Machine

k cup filling machine

The K Cup filling machine is a convenient way to get your coffee fix. Whether you’re a home brewer or a commercial barista, the right machine can make your job a breeze. Read on to learn more about how to choose the best one for your needs.


If you are looking for a professional K cup filling machine, then AFPAK is the right choice. They have more than eight years of production experience and have a team of experienced engineers. Their machines are high quality and are easy to operate. Moreover, they are very cost effective.

They provide customized solutions to meet your needs. The AFPAK K cup filling machine is able to produce between 160-200 K cups per minute. It uses a stainless steel frame, organic glass, mobile pulley, and an Omron temperature controller.

With the use of a high-performance liquid feeding system, this machine can fill different types of coffee. It is also capable of processing a variety of capsule sizes. This machine is controlled by a computer and is reliable. It is an excellent solution for small business owners or cafes.

AFPAK’s RN1S K cup filling and sealing machine is the best-selling equipment in the market. It is designed by combining the latest technology and design.

This machine is easy to operate and is a perfect solution for the home consumer or the small business owner. It has a compact structure and can be filled automatically. Besides, the machine has several sealing devices.

Another advantage of this machine is the reliability of its components. It is designed to last for 100,000 hours.

AFPAK provides an excellent after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction. Moreover, they have a team of experts who can answer all your questions.

These machines are very popular in North America. The company has provided various K cup filling packaging machines to more than 150 coffee factories in Central and South America.

There are many advantages of using a k cup filling machine. One of the major benefits is its wide application.

Barrie House

Barrie House is a third generation family owned coffee company that has recently rebranded their packaging to give customers an even more enjoyable drinking experience. They have redesigned their logo and launched a new product line. These products include flavored coffee varieties and a new single serve capsule.

The new K-Cups have a biodegradable filter that allows for 18-20% more room in the cup. In addition, the filter uses a technology called oxygen scavenger to extend the shelf life of the coffee.

It’s not uncommon to hear complaints about the wastefulness of these small, single-serve coffee pods. To combat this, Barrie House developed a sustainable and cleverly named one-serve capsule.

A new patented coffee capsule has a streamlined look and feel. Its thermoforming capabilities enable it to be made at a higher throughput. Moreover, its EVOH barrier layer helps keep the coffee fresh.

Barrie House has partnered with a packaging machinery OEM to produce this novelty. Pack Line Ltd. is an Israeli firm that provided the PXM-6 filling and sealing machine that met Barrie House’s needs.

For a while now, the Barrie House Coffee and Tea company has been experimenting with biodegradable materials. Their goal was to make the best tasting single serve cup that was also eco-friendly. However, the first fully recyclable one could not be made in high volumes. With that said, their second iteration was a resounding success.

Of course, there are more mundane achievements than this, such as the fact that they come in a variety of flavors. Not only that, they are certified organic and fair trade. Also, the K-Cups are a nice, easy alternative to traditional ground coffee. If you want to enjoy a bold, brew-tasting cup of coffee, consider buying some of these.


The EXPAK k cup filling machine is a top-notch product, and there’s no question that you’ll be satisfied with the results. This machine has some of the best features on the market, including a vertical loader and a servo-motor-driven auger. It’s also equipped with k cup filling machine a PC and vacuum cleaner, plus it comes with a free training session.

A vertical loader allows you to load more K Cups at once. With the servo-motor-driven auger, you’ll be able to fill your cups with high precision and accuracy. Moreover, the servo-motor-driven auger is designed to make coffee flow in a uniform manner.

Other notable features include the multi-lane system that allows you to produce up to 60 pods per minute. Another is the high-level nitrogen system, which keeps your coffee fresh and aromatic. Lastly, the k-cup machine has a built-in alarm.

The K-Cup machine’s servo-motor-driven auger makes the most of its small size by filling and weighing up to six K-cups at once. In addition, the k-cup machine’s servo-motor-driven vacuum cleaner removes dust from around the edge of the cup.

Finally, the k-cup machine’s UV lamp ensures that the food you are filling is safe for consumption. This is one of the most important features that a k-cup machine can have. Using this feature will ensure the safety of your customers, while the aforementioned features will help you save space and labor costs.

Lastly, the k-cup machine’s built-in alarm is a definite plus. It alerts you when the machine detects a sensor failure, and it can be easily linked to your alarm system.

For a complete list of the EXPAK k-cup filling machine’s other great features, visit the manufacturer’s website.


The iFillCup K cup filling machine offers coffee and tea lovers a better product. They are recyclable and allow consumers to customize the amount of coffee they enjoy. It also enhances the quality of the pod products and gives consumers fresher content.

Using an iFillCup will save coffee roasters up to 50% of the cost of producing single-serve cups. They are made from 100% polypropylene and are reusable and recyclable. Compared to typical retail cups, the iFillCup allows for a deeper, more flavorful cup.

iFillCup filling machines are available in two types: manual and automatic. Manual machines are easy to use and require less input. They are ideal for small scale k cup filling machine productions. But, they require a lot of time to clean.

Automatic machines are designed to detect the proper temperature and air pressure. Their sensors can automatically detect the position of the K-cups. With this information, the machine can automatically fill the k-cups.

For a fast and efficient K cup filling machine, look for the iFill800 Automatic Filling Machine. This model delivers up to 800 iFillCup pods per hour. You can also opt for the Nitrogen flushing iFillCup filling machine, which can fill up to 4800 cups in an hour.

These models can be purchased from physical stores or online. When buying from physical stores, you can get to inspect the machine to ensure it is in good working condition.

However, buying from online sites may result in some risks. Besides, you have to determine the warranty length. Many manufacturers will provide a one-year standard warranty. Depending on the model, you can also opt for an extended warranty service program.

While iFillCups are designed to fit any K-Cup(r) brewer, United Home Technologies will launch iFill(tm) Dispenser to fill the pods.


The AFPAK RN1S K cup filling machine has a tonne of clever features, including an intelligent induction system that can be customized to fit your company’s unique needs. It can be used for all types of materials from ground coffee to milk powder.

While you’re at it, you should check out the capsule filling machine. It is one of the more expensive pieces of equipment, but it’s a good investment for those who plan to expand their coffee business. If you don’t have the space or budget, don’t worry – ExpakChina offers a slew of capsule filling machines that can be adapted to suit any production line.

In a nutshell, it’s a smart little machine that can produce up to 600 cups an hour. To make it even more efficient, it comes with a host of smart technology features that improve your productivity and overall safety. Among these are a servo motor-driven spiral filling, a diluting function that extends the shelf life of your concoctions, and a small footprint.

Among the machine’s many capabilities, it boasts the highest filling speed. Using a servo motor on each of its four lanes, the machine can fill more than 100 capsules per minute. With this high-powered hors d’oeuvre, you’ll be able to satisfy your customers’ demand for coffee beverages in no time at all. And the best part is that it can be rented. Besides, its slick, sleek design will make it a focal point in your office. So get the machine in your office today and see the difference for yourself!

You can also take a cue from ExpakChina and have your own branded capsule filling machine.

Choosing a K Cup Filling Machine

Choosing a K Cup Filling Machine

k cup filling machine

Choosing a K cup filling machine is an important decision, but there are many factors to consider. These include the amount of space available, the ability to fill cups from a variety of manufacturers, and the quality of the product. These factors can make or break a purchase, so it’s important to get the right machine for your needs.


AFPAK is one of the leading companies that specialize in K cup filling machine. It provides personalized and high quality machines that are designed to meet individual customer needs. They also offer training services and solutions for problems.

Their machines include unique operating systems that ensure a smooth production process. They also include various sensors that detect air pressure, temperature, position and cup lids. All of this allows them to produce accurate results. They also have an intelligent induction system that can be customized to suit the customer’s needs.

AFPAK also provides training programs for staff members. Their machines are user friendly and are easy to clean. They are also known for their durability. They deliver accurate results with excellent speed and performance.

K Cup filling machines are designed to produce large amounts of K cups in a short amount of time. They have a unique operating system that is simple to use. They also have a servo motor-driven machine that ensures high precision. They also have a mobile pulley and an Omron temperature controller.

K cup filling machines use the most up to date technology. They are made with top brand electrical parts and stainless steel parts. They also have a seven or ten-inch multilingual display for controlling purposes.

K cup filling machines are also designed to be easy to operate. They have a multilingual display to assist with filling, measuring and controlling purposes. They also have a fault display to notify issues.

AFPAK’s RN1S K cup filling sealing machine is a best seller. Its advanced design and technology k cup filling machine are combined with years of experience to create the best performance. It also has a Servo Motor Controlled Auger filling system.


RN1S is a k cup filling machine that has a simple design and is easy to use. It is suitable for low-level production or high-level production. It is a compact machine that can be placed anywhere. The rotary nature of the machine makes it easy to clean. Its servo motor and servo controller are powerful and accurate. It has an auto-stop function and an emergency stop button.

The machine also has a built-in alarm system that alerts the operator if K Cups are empty. The machine has an in-line weighing system and micro-perforated lids. It also has the option to insert diaphragms into the machine.

The machine also comes with a servo controller that drives the auger. The auger’s agitator makes coffee flow more uniform. It also has an anti-static device that ensures that the heat sealing process will be clean and safe. The machine is powered by a brushless servo motor and a PLC that translates signals to the servo controller.

The machine also comes with a touch screen that allows the user to access different functions. It also has a high-quality heat sealing head with a copper body. It also comes with a multilingual screen display and a fast changeover feature.

The machine is designed to produce up to 50 k cups per minute. It can also be extended to produce k-cups with roll film.

The machine is equipped with a UV lamp that ensures the food safety. It also has a vacuum cleaner that removes dust from around the edge of the cup. It also has a high-quality servo motor and a servo controller that guarantees the filling accuracy within 0.2g.


SR6 k cup filling machine is a perfect choice for companies looking for k-cup packaging equipment. It is compact, portable, and reliable. This machine is designed to fill k-cups with liquids and powders. It can weigh up to six K-cups at a time. It uses a servo motor to dose coffee. The machine is also equipped with a six-line linear design system.

The SR6 k cup presentation machine has a high-quality design and is easy to install. This machine is designed for use by small and medium-sized coffee producers. It uses a servo motor and a small air compressor to operate. It weighs and packages different types of products.

The SR6 k cup filling machine has a six-line linear design system, which can handle various types of coffee. This machine is built of premium materials. It has a servo motor, which provides high filling accuracy. The machine can weigh coffee and other liquids and powders. It has a double agitator blade.

It is a versatile machine that can fill different types of k-cups, tablets, and pills. The machine is capable of producing up to 200 K-cups per minute. It is also easy to operate and can handle a variety of components. It has k cup filling machine two control meters, which help improve the efficiency of the machine.

The machine can fill up to 24,000 single serve pods per hour. It can also be integrated with additional automation modules. The machine is compatible with Nespresso, Lavazza, and Keurig cups. It has a nitrogen flashing system for improved purity. It has a 15-inch touch screen panel, which allows you to monitor the machine’s functions.

The machine can also be used to fill creams, gels, shampoos, and paste products. It has a nitrogen fill option, which means that you can use nitrogen to fill your k-cups.


Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a teetotaler, there’s a K Cup filling machine to meet your needs. From the high-end, high-speed models to the budget conscious, there’s a machine for you. Whether you’re a fan of coffee, tea or a mix of the two, the EXPAK k cup filling machine is sure to deliver the goods in style. Aside from the usual suspects, there are machines designed to work with some single serve capsules, including those made by Nespresso and other major players.

The EXPAK k cup filling system is a well-thought out machine that’s built to last. Its vertical loader will save you space while allowing you to load more cups at a go. The machine is also a breeze to service, with its automatic clean and lubricate system. You’ll also find the EXPAK k cup filling systems are stocked with the best components in the industry. The cylinder and auger are made from SS304 food grade material and the hopper is a cone shaped affair.

The machine is powered by a high-performance brushless servo motor. The machine boasts an impressively long warranty and comes with a free training session. The machines are also equipped with a high-quality vacuum cleaner to evict dust from the cups prior to loading them into the machine. The machine also comes with a PC, a touchscreen and a nifty’remote’ control panel that allows you to set up and adjust the machine’s settings from the comfort of your living room. If you’re a coffee connoisseur who wants to keep the quality of their product at a premium, then the EXPAK k cup filling machines are for you.


Among the various types of k cup filling machines, the H4 model is the most popular and has a number of advantages. The rotary turret gun filler can fill K-CUPs with granular products, soluble powders, and dairy products. This filler also features a vacuum cup to take lids from journals.

The H4 k cup filling machine is easy to use and has a compact layout. It is suitable for small and medium production companies. It is also easy to maintain, and has a pneumatic system for the carrier plates. This machine is also designed to handle different capsule styles.

The H4 k cup filling and sealing machine can produce up to 160-200 K cups per minute. It is very easy to use and has a large capacity. This machine has two management meters and handles multiple supplies. It also features a semi-telescopic filler.

The H4 k cup filling manufacturing machine is ideal for companies that produce k-Cups in large quantities. Its simple design makes it suitable for small businesses. The machine has a servo motor to drive the augers. It also has a high efficiency Nitrogen flushing system. It has a high precision of 0.2g, which ensures accurate filling.

The machine has a 15-inch touch screen panel that can be used to monitor the machine’s features. It also has a language mode. The machine can be controlled manually or automatically by a button on the control panel.

The machine can be closed with a micro-perforated lid or a PP lid. It also features a pre-arrangement for nitrogen tunnels. It can also be closed with a triplex coupled lid. This machine also features an automatic arm that transfers glasses from a loading table to a carrier.

K Cup Filling Machine

K Cup Filling Machine

k cup filling machine

A K Cup filling machine is a type of machine used to fill and seal individual K Cups. It accepts a variety of different products, including ground coffee and herbal tea leaves. It can also accept chocolate and soluble powders. The filler can also be used to fill an empty K Cup.

AFPAK’s RN1S k-cup filling and sealing machine

AFPAK’s RN1S is a k-cup filling and sealing machine that offers a wide range of features and benefits to customers. Its Servo Motor Controlled Auger filling system offers excellent thermal conductivity and an automatic vacuum system for a fast and accurate filling process. This machine is able to handle different capsule types with a 7 to 10 inches touchscreen display.

AFPAK’s RN1S K-cup filling and sealing machine is among the most popular models in the market and is currently competing with the top models in the market. Its innovative design and advanced technology make it a highly versatile device that is perfect for any k-cup business. The RN1S is designed to be easy to clean and simple to operate.

AFPAK’s engineers are available around the clock to answer any questions and provide technical support. They have a high level of experience in machine design and manufacturing. Their engineers can quickly address any issues that you may have and will be able to suggest new solutions and spare parts for your machine. They’ll also get the parts to you more quickly to minimize any losses.

Afpak’s RN1S k-cup filling and sealing machine features a sleek open design with a single fast working lane for speed and convenience. Its small footprint makes it an ideal entrance model with a high cycle speed.

The RN1S k-cup fill and sealing machine is built to the highest quality standards and has a wide range of functions and features. It’s incredibly reliable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. It also meets the Euro machine standard. Its features include stainless steel frames, organic glass, and a one-column mold structure. It’s easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, it’s designed for maximum speed and accuracy.

This k-cup filling machine can produce over 50 pods per minute. It has a single-lane and can handle up to 60 k-cups at a time. It can also be extended to use roll or sheet film for a larger production. And unlike other k-cup filling machines, it doesn’t require a separate cleaning station. It can produce a perfect k-cup in less than a second.

This machine is designed to produce K-cups with the product of your choice and then seal them. It accepts a wide range of product types, including coffee granules, herbal tea leaves, chocolate powder, and soluble powder. Another unique feature of this machine is its vacuum cleaner, which removes dust from the edge of the cup.

AF-H2 k-cup filling and sealing machine

The AF-H2 k-cup sealing and filling machine is k cup filling machine a compact, multi-functional, and high-quality machine for filling and sealing k-cups. Its Servo Motor Controlled Auger filling system and stainless-steel body provide high-performance filling and sealing. It has a 7 to 10-inch multilingual touch screen and two-column structure, which makes it suitable for various filling and sealing of k-cups.

The AF-H2 k-cup sealer features an automatic k-cup detection system, which automatically stops filling and sealing when there is no k-cups present in the machine. It uses standard electrical components made by internationally recognized brands, making it easy to access replacement parts. The compact size of the machine also ensures easy placement.

This k-cup filling and sealing machine is simple and easy to use. It has an excellent production rate and is able to perform various filling operations with accuracy. It is portable and can be placed in any location. It is eco-friendly, and provides great value for money.

In addition to offering high-quality machines, AFPAK offers training programs to make it easier for customers to operate the machines. It also has highly trained staff that can help customers solve any problems. These staff members have extensive technical knowledge and have extensive experience. AFPAK does not compromise on the training of their team members and always strives to offer the best experience for their customers.

The AF-H2 k-cup sealing and filling machine is among the fastest in the market, with a maximum speed of 70 k-cups per minute. It is easy to use, and its rotary design makes cleaning easier than with other types of machines. Its accuracy is +/-0.2 grams. It does not require a large space and is also easy to maintain.

Another unique feature of the AF-H2 k-cup sealing and filling machine is its ability to fill different types of capsules. It also uses a servo motor to accurately control the auger’s rotation. This ensures a stable volumetric dosing unit. Its agitator makes the coffee flow more uniform. Its vacuum cleaner also helps in removing dust from around the edge of the cup.

Another feature of this machine is its ability to use sheet film or roll film instead of k-cups. It has six-line linear model system and can package a variety of products. It has a capacity of 80-100 k-cups per minute.

AF-H1 k-cup filling and sealing machine

The AF-H1 k-cup feeding and sealing machine has several advanced features to ensure the quality of your product. With its advanced servo motor controlled auger filling system, it can fill and seal k-cups quickly and accurately. Moreover, it is equipped with a vacuum system for easy clean-up.

This machine has an incredibly small footprint and is easy to install. It also features a fast changeover feature that allows you to easily switch between k-cup types. Its user-friendly behavior makes it a popular choice among all types of users. k cup filling machine Its copper body heat sealing head has excellent thermal conductivity. It is also able to produce food-grade k-cups thanks to its high-grade materials.

The AF-H1 k-cup sealing and filling machine features a touch-screen control system that makes it easy to operate and understand. It also offers an English and Chinese language interface. Compact in design, this machine offers high automation and ease of use, and is built with durable 304 stainless steel. Its durable construction and nitrogen gas system will protect the k-cups from dust and contaminants during production.

The AF-H1 k-cup sealing and filling machine is equipped with a vertical loading device that saves floor space. The machine also features an integrated k-cup detector. The sensor is linked to an alarm system so that if the cups run low, the operator can simply reload them. The operator can also review the interface on a PC in real time to diagnose any faults. It also has a UV lamp to ensure food safety and a built-in anti-static device to ensure a clean heat-sealing process.

The AF-H1 k-cup sealing and filling machine has a compact design and small production capacity. It uses a servo motor that provides high precision. This enables the machine to fill K-cups with precision within 0.2g.

AFPAK also offers a premium rotary-type k-cup filling and sealing machine. It is highly refined and has been crafted by professionals. It is based on the CP40 platform and boasts a cycle speed of 40 per minute. Its small footprint makes it an ideal entrance model.

The AF-H1 k-cup sealing machine is portable and easy to use. It is an excellent option for small and start-up coffee businesses. The rotary k-cup filling and sealing machine can fill more than 50-70 cups per hour and does not require a lot of space.