Curved LED Light Bar

Curved Led Light Bar

Curved LED Light Bar

Light bars are an excellent way to make your vehicle more visible. They also add a unique look to your rig.

However, not all light bars are created equal. Some cheaply made products look good at first glance but fail to do their job well. Others, on the other hand, are a worthy investment that will last for years.


The size of a curved LED light bar is an important factor to consider when choosing one to mount on your vehicle. The length of the bar will determine its overall brightness and how much area it can illuminate, as well as how far the LEDs will project down the road. The size of the bar will also affect its mounting options and how it can be mounted on your truck.

Curved LED light bars are becoming increasingly popular because of their stylish look and illuminating capabilities. These low-profile lights are designed to contour to the curved surfaces of your vehicle, providing a sleek, OEM-style appearance. They also have a wider light Curved Led Light Bar spread than straight bars, so you can see more of the road with less of a distance deficit.

KC HiLights C-Series Curved LED Light Bars provide unbeatable performance, durability, and illumination. They have a combo beam with perfectly angled 8deg Spot and 90deg Flood reflectors to give you both distance and peripheral illumination along the sides of the road. The curved design also provides greater road coverage to keep you safe on dark back roads.

CREE LEDs deliver more lumens with less power than HID and Xenon bulbs, making these lights one of the most powerful on the market. Moreover, their advanced microprocessor circuit ensures low power consumption and maximum lifespan. Lastly, their die-cast aluminum housing and premium flat wound wiring harness are built to resist extreme weather conditions.

Beam Pattern

While straight light bars are common, curved LED lights offer a unique look that gives your vehicle a distinct identity. The curved design better fits the curves of the grille, bumper or windshield where you mount the bar. They also spread the light farther out for a wider illuminated area. This makes them ideal for work trucks, as they allow you to see roadside hazards and other obstacles from a greater distance.

Another consideration is what type of beam pattern you want. You can find LED lights with a flood, spot or combination pattern. A light with a spot pattern will illuminate objects that are far away and improve your visibility when driving at night or on back country roads. However, this type of light can easily miss smaller, nearby objects and may cause glare on the windshield or hood of your vehicle.

A curved LED light with a combo pattern can provide a more balanced illumination. The LEDs in the center produce a spot beam, while those on the outside create a flood beam. This provides a more even spread of light to help you navigate back country roads and other difficult terrain. You can also find LED Curved Led Light Bar lights with a single color output or dual-color options. Some regions may limit the use of certain colors, so be sure to check local laws before installing your auxiliary lighting.


The number of lumens a Light Bar puts out is an important factor to consider when buying one. A high-lumen light bar is brighter and will illuminate a larger area than a low-lumen light bar. This means that it will be more visible to other drivers on the road.

The Rough Country CREE 40-Inch Curved LED Light Bar is a great way to add a lot of brightness to your truck. This dual row light bar features 80 separate LED bulbs in both spot and flood patterns to produce a blinding amount of light that will make night time driving fun again. The chrome series panel design of this light bar gives it a sleek OEM appearance that will match your vehicle’s accessories and trim package. The die-cast aluminum housing and premium flat wound wiring harness are protected against all climate conditions so you can use this light bar year-round.

The curved design of this light bar allows the outer edge to throw a wider beam pattern that will allow you to see more of what is ahead of you when you are driving on dark, back roads. This feature can be especially helpful if you are driving through the backwoods and need to avoid wildlife that is hiding in the brush. This curved LED light bar comes with two different sets of mounting brackets, so you can mount it in a location on your vehicle that will be most useful for you.


The curved design of this light bar allows it to fit the curves in your truck or SUV’s bumper or windshield. This not only looks cool, but it also helps disperse the light farther out. It’s the best way to get maximum illuminating coverage on those dark, back roads at night.

The Rigid Industries SR-Series PRO was in development for over two years to ensure it is the pinnacle of form and function. This curved LED light bar takes the famous rectangular light bar that is so popular and adds some style and flair. It features the same extruded aluminum housing and unbreakable polycarbonate lens that Rigid is known for, but it adds a curve in the 40″ bar to fit modern bumpers and windshields.

It is powered by CREE LEDs and has a hybrid optic system that produces a powerful spot/flood combo pattern and reaches over 30,000 hours of life. These lights are more resistant to shock and vibration than HID or Xenon lights, making them ideal for off road use.

The Unite modular curved light bar is a game changer in the industry. It offers multiple output options, a variety of beam patterns and faceplate styles. The patented 2-bolt mounting system is strong and easy to install. You can run the entire light bar in a single circuit or split it into individual pods. The pods can be independently powered and operated.

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