Retrofit Projector Headlights to Upgrade Your Car’s Headlights

retrofit projector headlights

Retrofit Projector Headlights to Upgrade Your Car’s Headlights

When it comes to upgrading your headlights, there are several options on the market. However, projector headlights offer several benefits that other upgrades can’t provide.

A projector headlight kit includes a set of headlights, bulbs, and shrouds. It can be installed in a headlight that uses reflectors, or it can be retrofitted into a headlight that already has a projector design.

Increased Visibility

Projector headlights focus light down more than they do upward, meaning your car will be much easier to see from behind compared to other types of headlights. They also have a very crisp cut-off line that won’t blind other drivers on the road when they’re turned on, so you can feel safe and secure driving at night.

You can choose from a variety of styles and finishes for your projector headlights, making them perfect for whatever you want your Mustang to look like. For example, you can choose a style with a chrome strip that surrounds the housing to give it a more modern look or opt for something completely black to show off your vehicle’s custom features. You can even go with a halo option to add some extra color and light up the front of your Mustang.

The final component of a projector headlight is the lens. The purpose of the lens is to evenly distribute the beam pattern that has been shaped and aimed by the elliptical reflector and shutter. The lens also helps to soften the sharp edge that the cutoff line between light and dark creates.

If you choose a kit that’s made specifically for your car, it will be a lot easier to install than a universal kit. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, you may still need to bake the stock headlight retrofit projector headlights assembly open to get inside and install the new parts, but most vehicle-specific kits will include plug-and-play components so that there’s minimal cutting or soldering required.

Sleek Appearance

If you’re looking for a way to give your vehicle an upgraded and sleek appearance, retrofit projector headlights are the answer. These headlights use a combination of thick concave mirrors and magnifying lenses to focus light on the road in a tightly organized beam pattern without blinding oncoming drivers. SW Lights provides a wide selection of these headlights with options for an OEM+ look or full on show builds.

The inner workings of a projector are what sets it apart from other headlights, especially reflector-based headlights. While these headlights aim down compared to other headlights, they’re designed with a cut-off shield that helps minimize headlight glare for other motorists on the road. This sharp, crisp cut-off line is also what gives your car a more refined and sophisticated appearance.

A projector headlight can use a halogen, HID, or LED bulb. Many car owners swap out their halogen bulbs for HID or LED ones, which are brighter and last longer than halogen bulbs. However, if you install an HID or LED projector headlight on a car that was originally built with halogen bulbs, it could make your lights too bright and potentially blind other drivers in front of you.

The best way to avoid this is to purchase a vehicle-specific projector kit. These kits come with everything you’ll need to upgrade your headlights and will likely be easier to install than a universal projector kit. For example, Morimoto makes high-performance and quality LED headlights that are plug-and-play and backed by their 5-year warranty. GTR Lighting is another company that offers plug-and-play LED headlight upgrades that are a great choice for your car.

Reduced Glare

A primary reason why people opt to install projector headlights is that they drastically reduce the amount of glare your vehicle emits. This is especially true of LED kits, which retrofit projector headlights are designed with a holistic approach to lighting engineering. Unlike halogen bulbs, which simply sit in front of a mirrored surface, HID projectors utilize an internal reflector to focus the light onto your car’s road. This design effectively prevents other drivers from experiencing blinding headlight glare from your vehicle.

In addition, a shutter is included in the design, which provides a sharp cutoff line when you use your high beams. This feature is one of the biggest differences between projector and classic reflector headlights, as it prevents your lights from shining too brightly and blinding other drivers on the road.

There are also several options for your projector headlights, depending on your specific vehicle’s needs. For example, some kits include a front halo that’s visible when the light is off and can provide more contrast against a black shroud. Other kits feature rear halos that are hidden behind the lens and can only be seen when they’re on. Still others can even incorporate a color-changing “demon eye” to give your headlights an edgy look.

A great place to start is with a vehicle-specific kit, which will have components that are compatible with your ride’s existing headlight assembly. These kits will be easier to install compared to universal kit options, as they’ll often come with plug-and-play components.

Improved Night Vision

When your car’s headlights are on, they produce a beam of light that illuminates the road ahead. This is why drivers who want better visibility turn to projector headlights. These lights help you see more of the road, which helps you avoid potential hazards that may lurk on a dark road. Unlike classic reflector headlights, projector headlights feature a shutter that creates a sharp cutoff line that aims the light beam at the road rather than blinding oncoming traffic. These headlights also use a lens to evenly distribute the light beam.

If you’re looking for an improvement in your night vision, a xenon HID projector retrofit kit is the way to go. The kit converts your current halogen headlights into ones that can utilize xenon bulbs. This is an easier process than replacing your entire headlight housing. However, it’s still a complex job that requires precision cutting and custom mounting of the new projector.

Another popular option is the bixenon projector retrofit kit. These lights are able to run both low and high beams at the same time, giving your vehicle more lighting power. They have a built-in solenoid that drops the cutoff shield when engaged, instantly activating the high-beam setting. These kits are easy to install, and they provide a clean, modern look for your vehicle’s headlights.

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