Shorts Uniforms For Gym Class and Casual Looks

Shorts Uniforms For Gym Class and Casual Looks

Shorts Uniform

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a shorts uniform for gym class or a more casual look, there are a number of options available. If you’re a Navy person, you may want to consider gym shorts in the military blue or even the Navy’s blue-white color scheme. If you’re a Scout or BSA scout, you’ll find options for your organization as well.

Flying Cross

Having the right uniform can mean the difference between a good day and a bad one. Flying Cross has been at the forefront of the police uniform revolution. With the best selection of customizable uniforms in the world, the brand is an excellent choice for law enforcement personnel of all stripes. From shirts and pants to coats and hoodies, the company has you covered.

The cross FX Men’s Class B Style Shorts is a great choice for officers in search of an affordable and functional pant. This slick little uniform boasts a 1/8″ double needle construction, a thigh gusset, a velcro waistband, and a functional stretch material. The mini ripstop fabric used in the build has a high performance to weight ratio, and is made to look and feel like the best of the best.

The Flying Cross FX Men’s Class B Style Long Sleeve Duty Shirt is also worth checking out. This high quality, stylish uniform is perfect for any officer looking to enhance their professional image. With a variety of features and benefits, this garment will serve you well for the years to come. The best part is that the material is durable, lightweight, and offers an oh-so-comfortable fit. Featuring a functional stretch material and enhanced cargo pants pockets, this top-of-the-line uniform is a steal for your hard earned cash. Taking the sexiest man a step further, this garment also features a crotch strap for improved fit and mobility.

ArmA 3 Jacket and Shorts Uniform

Among the plethora of uniforms in ArmA 3, the Jacket and Shorts may be the best of the lot. Its red and black color scheme appears to ape the likes of the olden days. The most notable feature is its low weight, a feat that is difficult to accomplish in the real world. It also comes with a hefty price tag of $499. Not to be outdone by its more illustrious counterparts, the outfit is a must have for any aspiring combat unit commander.

The Jacket and Shorts may be the least likely to succeed in the long run, but it is the best way to show your mates you’re a top notch military buff. Not only does it come with the goodies, but you can actually put a dent in it. The real challenge is keeping it clean. As with all armored vehicles, the dreaded de-bugling is a real pain in the neck.


Originally introduced in late 2008, the BSA Centennial Scout Uniform is being updated to a new style. It is made of 100% nylon Supplex, an athletic and quick drying fabric. It is lightweight and offers Rugby Uniform anti-microbial protection. It also features deep front pockets with cargo pockets, a waterproof pouch, and complete moisture management.

The new official shirt will be available for purchase on February 1, 2019. It is available for boys and girls. The shirt is designed with a stand up collar, and is made of double needle construction. It is available in both short and long sleeves. The front of the shirt features a red Fleur de lis symbol, and a U.S. flag on the right shoulder. The left side of the shirt features an emblem for aquatics qualifications.

The shorts and pants are available in classic and relaxed fits. They come in forest green, gray, and olive green. These colors are promoted as more versatile. The pants feature an unfinished hem for custom lengths. The shorts are available in crew and ankle lengths. The pants are made of Supplex nylon, an athletic and quick drying fabric.

The new hat is a baseball style cap. The original cap was a gray bushman hat with a snap up brim and venturing logos. It had a removable fabric shield.

The belt is an olive green webbed belt. It comes in a variety of lengths, and can be purchased separately. The belt has a brass buckle. The sash can be purchased separately. The belt may be worn with a brown leather belt or with the new olive green “Switchback” zip-off trousers.

The Centennial Scout Uniform is being introduced in honor of the organization’s 100th anniversary. It was developed for adult leaders, but is now being made for youth.

Scouts BSA

Getting a Scouts BSA uniform is a good way to quickly identify scouts. The uniform is made from a durable, wrinkle-resistant cotton canvas that maintains a clean, crisp look. It is also made from a breathable fabric that wicks away moisture and offers UPF 40+ sun protection.

The shirt is available in men’s sizes SM through 4XL. It features a button front, two front pockets, and Rugby Uniform side vents. The pants are made from 100% cotton canvas that is enzyme-washed for a softer feel.

The shorts are made from lightweight, quick-drying Supplex. They have deep front pockets and a waterproof pouch. They are also anti-microbial.

The shorts are a uniform option for scouts BSA. They are designed to be sturdy and can be worn when camping or hiking. They are designed to be used with a light tan short-sleeve shirt.

The belt has a Scouts BSA logo. The sash shows the placement of badges. A small rank pin can be attached to the left breast. The Scouts BSA uniform is the official uniform of the Boy Scouts of America.

The Scouts BSA uniform is designed to be a fun and easy way to identify scouts. It also helps portray the scouting movement positively in the community.

The Scouts BSA uniform includes a shirt, shorts, pants, belt, and a sash. It is designed to make a scout look polished on every adventure.

If you choose to wear an adult advisor’s uniform, you may wear a corresponding shoulder loop. You can also wear a Ranger Award bar, if you have earned it as a youth.

There are three different patches you can choose from. You can choose to sew a patch on, or velcro it on.

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