How to Get the Best Prices on a Reproduction of an Animal Oil Painting

How to Get the Best Prices on a Reproduction of an Animal Oil Painting

animal oil painting

Artists working in fabric, paint, or both often create an animal oil painting. These works of art have been gaining popularity over the years, and they’ve become a great way to add a unique touch to any interior. While a large animal oil painting can be a great addition to a room, not every interior is designed to accommodate a large piece. You can get a small painting that measures only 0.1 inches across, however.

Artistic language

Creating atmosphere is one of the main purposes of a wall-painting, and animal paintings are no different. They add color and spirit to a room and inspire contemplation of a different world. Animal paintings are available in both realistic and abstract forms, which can be incorporated into a room design. Artwall and Co offers a number of animal wall-painting styles to suit every taste and interior. It never gets boring to stare at a real work of art.

Unlike human paintings, animal art can express a range of human emotions. A painting need not be an exact replica of the real thing, but can be expressive and convey a message. Even if it’s not the exact species, an animal sketch can evoke a feeling of empathy from its audience. Ancients were particularly fond of animal art because it tied into their hunter lifestyle. They valued the unique features and functions of animals.


There are several techniques to apply when painting animals. When painting fur, for example, you’ll want to focus on fluidity of color. The paint needs to be moist enough to flow, but not so wet that it loses definition. Similarly, painting fur too dry can create blobs and puddles. To get the right balance, try painting the animal in small sections. When painting the face, for example, use longer strokes for the face and smaller ones for the fur.

While painting animals, you must remember that capturing their behavior is important. Often, these animals distrust humans and will not pose for a photograph. This can be very time-consuming, especially if you’re not a skilled artist. The process of painting animals in oil can take weeks. For this reason, most wildlife artists prefer working from photographs. However, if you can, visit the location of the subject in its natural habitat to capture its true spirit.

Another important technique to use is blending. This technique combines two or more different colors when they are wet, creating a seamless transition between them. In oil painting, blending is a popular technique because oils stay wet for a longer period of time. As such, it helps to create depth in paintings and avoid over-saturated colors. In order to paint realistically, you must master these techniques before moving on to more complex ones.

One of the most important aspects of painting animals is the eyes. Your viewers’ eyes will be the first thing they focus on. To capture that essence, you should make sure they’re expressive. John Seerey-Lester explains the importance of painting wildlife in action. You should also learn about birds, their anatomy, and their habits. If you’re not sure what techniques to apply, this book is the perfect choice.

Another technique is wet-on-wet painting. This technique involves painting directly on a wet surface, without drying out earlier layers. In this technique, you can paint several layers and complete the whole painting in one sitting. This technique is popular with animal oil paintings, as it allows you to add more layers of color. It also gives you more freedom to experiment. You’ll find many different painting techniques and ideas to suit your specific style.


If you are looking for the best prices on a reproduction of animal oil painting, then you have come to the right place. The prices listed below are for art reproductions by professional painters on linen canvas. The high quality of their art reproductions can be seen from the photo preview before delivery. Prices include free shipping around the world and high-resolution samples. You can also request a quote for your chosen art reproduction if you have not found the animal you’re looking for.

Places to buy

There are several places to buy animal oil paintings, but one place stands out for its high-quality reproductions. Lightinthebox, the world’s largest wholesale and retail website, offers a huge selection of quality reproductions at low wholesale prices. The company’s international shipping and customer service is unmatched. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind animal portrait or a classic landscape, Lightinthebox has what you need.

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