Advantages and Disadvantages of UV MDF Board

UV MDF board

There are many ways to purchase It can be purchased at cheap prices or at high prices. It can be used for a number of different projects, including sewing machines and panels. You can also have your board customized to meet your specifications. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of If you have a special use for UV MDF board, you may want to find a supplier who offers these services.

High-gloss UV ACRYLIC MDF board

UV (ultraviolet) paint is a type of finish that is applied to board using a special UV-curing technique. This material is used extensively in the modern decoration industry. UV-curing several benefits. For instance, it features a total length of 160 meters, a dust-free workshop, and a one-time molding process. Another advantage of UV-curing its speedy delivery. The average daily output is around 2,000 sheets.

The high gloss UV ACRYLIC MDF boards from TESA are ready for use and do not require additional furnishing. This UV coating is applied using 9 layers of European Decorative papers. The UV coating is pre-laminated for added durability and long-lasting performance. TESA is committed to serving the interior design industry. High-gloss UV ACRYLIC MDF Board offers a contemporary look and feel that can be used in a variety of design applications.

Crossbond Crystal UV Coated Panels

UV Coated wood panels such as Crossbond Crystal are highly decorative and have a piano gloss finish. These panels are made of highly evolved surface coating that makes them resistant to scratches and weather conditions. They also maintain their natural look and feel. This makes them a fantastic choice for a variety of applications, from office furniture to dining tables. Read on to learn more about Crossbond Crystal UV Coated Panels. This versatile material makes your interior design ideas a reality.

The production process of Crossbond Crystal UV Coated Panels is a multistep process that combines advanced technology and industrial processes to create the ultimate finish for your home or business. They are the first of their kind in India and offer outstanding protection against stains, scratches, and dings while providing a graceful gloss. The melamine coated surface is then sprayed with a German PUR adhesive coating, which achieves break-free adhesion and undergoes chemical curing. The result is a high-quality, durable finish that withstands the toughest wear and tear.

CPL Plain Particle Boards

The CPL range of particle boards, laminated particle board, and UV coated MDF is an excellent choice for a range of indoor and outdoor uses. Available in a range of solid colours and textures, CPL boards are also environmentally friendly and fully automatic. Here’s a look at why they’re the perfect choice for your home or office. Here’s a closer look at the different features and benefits of each.

Particle boards feature a smooth, flat surface. They are usually topped with a thin veneer sheet or laminate for a smoother look. However, they don’t boast the strength of MDF or plywood, and are not as eco-friendly as their MDF and plywood counterparts. Some are also manufactured with harmful resins, making them unsuitable for outdoor uses. Listed below are the benefits of CPL Plain Particle Boards.


Action TESA is an Indian manufacturer of MDF, HDHMR, particle boards, and allied value-added products. The company has an extensive range of laminated flooring products, including HDF laminated flooring, UV Coated Panel, Acrylic Hi-Gloss Boards, and Door Skins. TESA offers a variety of value-added products including UV MDF Board, HDF Particle Board, and Printed UV Coated Board.

TESA UV Board is a ready-to-use product made of exterior grade MDF board. The surface is coated with 9 layers of Europium Decorative paper. HDHMR Door, the latest avatar of the Door Industry, inherits these desirable properties. It is the perfect substitute for conventional and flush doors as it is made of the strongest wood fibers, best glue, and no haze. These features make the material an excellent choice for interior and exterior applications.

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