Selecting a Laser Welding Machine Manufacturer

Laser welding machine manufacturer

When selecting a machine, it is important to consider a number of factors. There are many options available, and there are different brands. Here we will take a look at Panasonic, IPG Photonics, and Fanuc machines. These brands offer a wide range of welding equipment to meet your needs. We have also included reviews of the products and their benefits and drawbacks, so you can choose the machine that works best for you.

LF-W-series machine

The LF-W-series laser welding machines from a leading manufacturer are ideal for precision micro welding, especially for parts made of highly heat-sensitive materials. The advanced technologies they use include the Delicate-Weld resonator, which is designed to weld delicately on heat-sensitive materials. Additionally, these machines are equipped with True Automated Pulse Modulation (APM), which enhances the weld process.

The LF-W-series laser welding machines are compatible with a variety of materials, including cold and hot-work alloy steel, nickel tool steel, and high-tensile aluminum alloy. They can operate in either continuous wave or modulated mode. Various features allow the operators to control the weld and optimize the weld process, including pulse shaping, 10 segments, seam mode, and ramp up and down capabilities.


A leading automotive supplier in Mexico asked a leading for two new robots to help cut production time and improve part quality. In response, the manufacturer developed two laser welders. The two robots can work independently or together to produce the same components. The manufacturers of both robots use the same components and technology, but differ slightly in how they operate. This article provides an overview of these differences and how each model compares to its competitor.

The 3D robot fiber laser welding machine has an arm length of 5.9′ x 10.4′ and is the model preferred by the metal industry. It is equipped with off-line software and weld seam tracking system. The robot can be programmed to weld all types of metal. Besides, the robots can increase work efficiency by up to 15%. A cable-built multifunctional 6-axis robot like the FANUC ROBOT M-20iB can increase speed and accuracy. The first end servo technology increases acceleration performance. It reduces operation time by 15%.

IPG Photonics

IPG Photonics has developed fiber laser technology to eliminate the need for an absorbing layer. Its thulium fiber lasers produce a longer-wavelength laser beam, which efficiently penetrates the thickness of the polymer. This allows for precise and controlled melting to the exact depth necessary for a particular component. The company’s Through Laser Welding solution is a high-precision, non-contact process that is ideal for welding clear polymer components.

The LightWELD is designed with patented IPG fiber laser technologies. The compact design and air cooling provide high-performance and ease-of-use. The machine’s ergonomic design and 74 stored preset parameters make it easy to use. It welds quickly and precisely with little or no distortion and undercut. The machine also has a programmable wire feeder. It can be used for a variety of welding applications and requires only 0.8KG of workspace.


If you are considering investing in a laser welding machine, Panasonic is the right choice. This company specializes in complete welding systems and leverages the digital technology accumulated by Panasonic Welding Systems Co. Ltd. to create innovative solutions that enhance the productivity of your production process. In addition, the company holds a wide variety of Panasonic welding machines in their warehouses for you to choose from. With more than 20 years of experience, Panasonic has become one of the top laser welding machine manufacturers in the world.

The company produces high-quality laser welding equipment and has made significant improvements in their systems. Panasonic’s LAPRISS laser welding robot system features a high-powered inverter pulse power source and 100kHz primary side frequency. The LAPRISS welding robot is a compact, light-weight system that can be mounted on Panasonic’s robots. These robots are equipped with multiple features and can handle a variety of payloads.

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