Does gel polish damage nails?

Covering natural nails with gel polish today is not an attribute of luxury, but a necessity and convenience for most of the fair sex. The procedure is in great demand, has an absolutely affordable price and a huge number of advantages. Those girls who once tried gel polish manicure repeat the procedure in 9 out of 10 cases.


  • The procedure is fast and safe. Polymerization of gel polish occurs with the help of a lamp (UV, Led or hybrid), therefore it is impossible to lubricate, erase the coating, as with ordinary varnish.
    • The gloss of the coating is retained for a long time. And this shine cannot be compared with the shine of the Lacquer Coating.
    • Durability of the coating, well-groomed appearance of manicure for a long time (3 weeks).
    • Manicure with gel polish makes nails perfectly even, fills small cracks and creates an absolutely smooth surface.
    • Certified materials are hypolergenic. Subject to the coating technology, it does not pose any danger to the natural nail.
    •  The coating performs the function of protection from environmental influences, protects the nail from mechanical damage.

Like absolutely everything in our world, gel polish has its supporters and opponents. It would seem, who can have a negative attitude towards a manicure with a coating that has such advantages ?!
Opponents believe that gel polish is harmful to nails, spoils them, as a result of which nails grow poorly and exfoliate. Let’s figure out whether gel polish manicure is safe, or whether it spoils nails.

Gel polish is a hybrid of gel nail polish and nail polish. It combines the very best properties of both coatings: that is, durability and color. Due to the properties obtained from the gel, the wear time of such a coating is increased.

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