Make Gel Nails Yourself

When modeling gel nails, we distinguish between three different methods:

Natural gel support

Design template modeling

Tip modeling

The list below materials are needed for gel nails:

  1. Disinfectant
  2. Data
  3. Barriers
  4. Dust brushes
  5. Cellettes
  6. Per pusher
  7. Toenail layouts or tips
  8. Toenail oil our idea over is best!
  9. Glue gel
  10. Structure gel
  11. Sealing gel
  12. UV/Led light
  13. Nail gel polish

Initially, disinfect your hands. Get rid of the cuticles with a pro pusher as well as file your all-natural nails into the desired form as well as size. Now matt the nail plate with a barrier till it is no more glossy and eliminate the nail dust with a dirt brush. If you desire much longer gel nails, stick on the suitable tip or use the design template.

Until now so great, currently you can begin modeling your gel nails in a minimum of 3 layers. Use the glue gel very finely to your nail and also cure it under UV/LED light. This creates an inhibition layer, please do not remove it.

In the 2nd step, the build-up gel is utilized. If you have actually planned a French nail design or nail art, the accumulation layer must also be extremely slim and also get thinner towards the sides. After solidifying, the sweat layer is eliminated with a cellette soaked in cleaner.

After you have finished the gel modeling, you can start declaring. Ultimately, you seal the gel nail and care for gel nails.

Seal Gel Nails:

To do this, you first form the framework of the artificial nails to ensure that say goodbye to dents can be seen. After that utilize the buffer to get rid of the last bumps. Now use the securing gel as well as cure it once again under the UV/LED gadget. The inhibition layer is gotten rid of with the Cleanser. Finally, you can massage the cuticles with excellent nail oil. This ensures the surface of your gel nails.

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