This Is Exactly How You Make Gel-Weakened Nails Solid Once More

Once the gel polish is on, upkeep is easy. However, as soon as you remove it once again, you need to deal with soft and also weak nails. We inform you just how you can avoid specifically that in the best possible way.

Numerous females swear by gel, acrylic, or shellac nails. Understandable, because this way you can relax from constant declaring as well as varnishing for weeks and also instead expect the best manicure.

The only problem: If the gel polish comes off, the all-natural nails are normally pretty poor later. It’s excellent that we understand just how you can quickly get your damaged little fingers back into leading form.

Remove Gel Effectively:

Getting rid of the Lexan gel from the nails is pretty tedious work – the top, natural layer of the nail goes along with it. Also, the nail bed is impacted. The warmth aids to make the unsafe process a little gentler. While acetone pads gradually liquify the gel, you can wrap your fingers in a cozy towel. This speeds up the procedure and makes the removal less aggressive.


After weeks of using the gel as well as acrylic, our nails dry out totally. It is all the more vital to supply them with plenty of wetness later. Abundant cuticle oil ought to now be your buddy.

Stay clear of Paint:

Speaking of unnecessary pressure: Please leave your colored paints in the shower room closet for the time being, even if it’s difficult. They would certainly likewise dry out your nails even more and also leave unpleasant stainings.

Reinforce From Within:

To accelerate healing, much more, nutritional supplements will aid– biotin and also collagen to be specific. Both promote growth and strengthen your nails from the inside out. Nice negative effects: hair and also skin additionally benefit from the supplement.

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