Nail Polish on Gel Nails – So the Gel Stays Beautiful

Gel nails are not only beautiful, but they are also an expensive affair. They have to be refilled every four to six weeks, then you might want a different design – a lot of money is quickly gone. If you want colored nails for a specific occasion, it’s quicker if you apply nail polish yourself. The only question that remains is whether this can damage the gel nails.

Nail Polish Can Also be Used on Gel Nails:

The nail polish is basically no problem. However, it must not contain acetone, as gel nails that are made with a mixture of gel and acrylic can then break. A real gel nail, which is only made of UV gel, is not damaged by this.

Keep in mind that the nail polish can run under any existing lifts. Then it sits under the gel and you can’t get it out without help.

If the gel has grown out of the nails a bit, you will see the transition with the nail polish. This might not look nice.

Nail polish doesn’t last as long on gel nails. It will chip off pretty quickly on the nail tips. Use high-quality paint, they usually last better. This means paints that do not contain acetone.

To prevent discoloration, it is advisable to use a base coat. Also, paint the nail tips with varnish, otherwise, it will quickly peel off there. Use a thin coat of varnish, let it dry, and then apply another coat; it will hold better.

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