This is Why Gel Nails Are Better Than Acrylics

Gel polish has made the world a better place. They are shiny, dry instantly, and last weeks longer than regular nail polish. But, are they better than acrylics? Let’s find out this in today’s article. 

Gel Vs. Acrylics Nail Polish:

Most nail salons offer a choice between gel and acrylic nails, but it can be hard to figure out the real differences between them. If you’ve ever wondered whether gel or acrylic is better for your nail health, we’ve got the answers.

Gel Polish Doesn’t Yellow:

Gel polish is cured under UV light, which prevents it from turning yellow. Acrylics, on the other hand, can turn yellow after just a few weeks. This is because they’re not cured under UV light but instead set with powder and monomer liquid. It doesn’t take long for the liquid to oxidize and make your nails look yellowed.

Gel Nails are Less Damaging To Your Natural Nails Than Acrylics:

Acrylics are made with a liquid monomer and a powder polymer that creates long chains of molecules; these chains quickly harden when exposed to air, forming a plastic-like substance similar to styrofoam peanuts or packing foam. 

But gel is actually a type of polish that, after exposure to UV light, becomes super hard and durable like plastic but is also flexible like natural nail polish.

That is why gel nails are so much better than acrylics because they look better and are healthier for your nails.

Furthermore, with gel nails, you can go up to two weeks or more without needing them refilled because the gel is applied in thin layers that adhere to your natural nail more closely than acrylics do. And the process of filling them is much less damaging than getting acrylics filled in–they’re just painted over again!

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