Laser Cutting VS Plasma Cutting

Laser cutting machines due to the laser technology can give a smooth and precise finish while cutting various materials. High laser beams are directed on the targeted material with the help of optics. Laser cutting is also known as an accurate thermal cutting method. 

Whereas, on the other hand, the cutting process in which a mixture of gases is used for cutting various objects is known as plasma cutting. The working of a plasma cutter is quite different from a laser cutter machine. Plasma cutters use gas for sending electrical arcs through restricted openings. Various gases are used in the plasma cutting process. For example, nitrogen, argon, shop air, etc.

 A Plasma cutting machine is used to cut metal objects that are of thick layers. On the other hand, laser cutters are used for cutting various objects including metal, wood, acrylic, paper, etc.

Laser cutting machines are widely used in numerous fields as compared to plasma cutting. Laser cutting machines can be used in automobiles, medical, jewelry, mold, die, and other industries. Whereas, plasma cutters are usually used at construction sites.

If you want to cut a thin material with high accuracy, then you should choose a laser cutting machine. Or, a plasma cutter is the best option for cutting thick materials (mostly metals).

The Takeaway:

No doubt laser cutting machines have high perks as compared to plasma cutters. There are numerous laser cutting machine manufacturers that supply their products all over the world. If you intend to buy a laser cutting machine, you can contact HanMa Industries. They are professional laser cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers all over the world.

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